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    I can’t figure out what the problem is.
    I am using XYZscripts’ Contact Form, have also tried BWS Contact Forms, but both have the same issue. I am not receiving any contact form messages from anyone who’s entered a yahoo return email address. I’ve sent myself test messages (using XYZScripts and BWS) using yahoo, hotmail, gmail, msn, mac, aol, edu…all went through except yahoo. Anyone else have this problem?

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  • Hi! I can imagine how frustrating that must be indeed. Have you tried using Contact Form 7 as a test? It is a wonderful yet simple contact form and I would be curious to know if you have the same problem with it.

    Also, make sure that all of the other contact forms, except for the one that you are currently using, are disabled.


    Hello. I installed Contact Form 7 and tried sending a message with a yahoo return email. Still not working 🙁

    Hi again. Have you resolved this issue?

    If not try the notes in this conversation thread:

    It seems that they had the same issue and resolved it.


    Hi Renee,

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it’s still not working for me. 🙁

    Same problem here, when adding a yahoo email in return mail I don’t receive the email. This only happens with yahoo accounts, all other emails work fine.


    I just got it working today!

    I’m using XYZ Script’s contact form, and also tested this on Contact Form 7. Both are working now.

    I found the answer on another thread. Someone mentioned that “Yahoo requests that other servers decline to forward emails that say they are coming from Yahoo, but are not actually coming from Yahoo.” (full conversation here:

    The problem lies in the “From” field in the “Mail to site admin” section in XYZ Scripts, or the “Mail” section in Contact Form 7, and Renee had posted another thread that has steps on how to fix the problem. (Thanks, Renee!)

    …do not put [your-email] in the “From” field in the Mail section of the Contact Form 7 setup. Instead put any of your own valid email address.

    For example, use:
    From: (instead of [your-email])
    Additional Headers: Reply-To: [your-email]

    The problem was my personal email is a yahoo address, and again, “Yahoo requests that other servers decline to forward emails that say they are coming from Yahoo, but are not actually coming from Yahoo.”

    So, after reading this, I went back in and changed it to something like this. (The “gamefreak” stuff is made up. Doesn’t exist, or at least does not belong to me.)

    Additional Headers: Reply-To: [your-email]

    And now it works!

    Hope that made sense…

    Yay! Glad you got it.

    I’ve stumbled across this as well…

    I see the solution posted – but it’s a bit kludgey…

    Don’t we (the admins) want the users email address in the from field – so that when we get sent a message from our site (a business inquiry perhaps) we can just reply to the email without having to go to the database and look up the user?

    Am I missing something here??

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    Please open up a new thread about it here:

    You can always refer back to threads by linking to them.

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