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    I rarely post in these forums, so if I have posted this topic in the wrong area, please forgive me.

    During my search of other threads dealing with this problem, I have not been able to find a solution that works for me. In addition, most of these threads date back to at least a year ago.

    My web address is I am using the current version of WordPress, 3.9.1. All of my plug-ins and themes are up-to-date. I am using the Graphene theme. My site is hosted by GoDaddy.

    Also, I don’t write code, so I hope that this problem can resolved without me having to use any mark-up.

    As I indicated in the topic name, my problem consists of not receiving email when the membership form on my “Membership Form” page is completed and submitted.

    I have tried using different form builders, including the one included with Jetpack, Contact Form (BestWebSoft), and First Contact Form (Muhammad Asif).

    I have tried using two different addresses to send the emails to: a Gmail address and a GoDaddy-hosted email address that is tied to

    I have tried deleted the form builder plug-ins and reinstalling the form builder plug-ins.

    I have also tried deleted the form and building it again from scratch.

    I have deactivated all of the plug-ins, and tried submitting a form.

    I have also tried submitting a form, created using Jetpack, from another website that uses the Graphene theme, and this one worked with no problems.

    In the interest of providing as much info as possible, I would like to mention that I recently re-built this site, which had been built using GoDaddy’s Website Builder and hosted in one GoDaddy account, and then moved it to another GoDaddy hosting account.

    Lastly – and I don’t know if this is relevant – but there are a couple of odd things going on with the site. First, when mousing over the items in the dashboard’s vertical navigation menu, the sub-menu items, such as those under the Setting category, don’t pop-out to the right, as they once (and still do on my other Graphene-themed site). Also, when checking out new plug-ins for possible installs, and clicking on ‘Details”, instead of a pop-up box, the Details page takes up the whole width of my screen.

    I would appreciate any assistance!

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    @chrishannon Unless it’s for abuse, space, formatting gone wrong or malware please do not use the modlook tag.

    That tag is for reporting abuse or forum problems.


    I didn’t mean any offense! I thought that I had read, in the Posting Suggestions, that if you had not received a response in a reasonable period of time, you should tag it with “modlook.” Since it had been over 10 hours with no response, I added that tag.

    Perhaps I misread or misunderstood the suggestions. As I wrote at the top of my original post, I rarely post to the forum.



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    I thought that I had read, in the Posting Suggestions, that if you had not received a response in a reasonable period of time, you should tag it with “modlook.”

    I’m, sorry but you seem to have mis-read something. There’s no such suggestion in the Forum welcome.

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