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    I made a contact form in august 2016. It was wörking all the time. Today a visitor called me and told me that the form is not working. If I fill out all fields, I run the google captcha with the pictures, then I click the send button and the “wheel” begin running and is never ending. After a few minutes there is a capture timeout.
    I checked the form and there are no errors. Everything is looking ok. I updated WordPress and the contact form plugin. No change.
    May anybody have an idea?
    Thanks a lot & kind regards

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  • I am having the same problem! It is going into the database but tells the user that the form is not sending. Help!

    And, it is not triggering an email.

    Where is a table in the database for Contact Form7?
    I can’t find any!

    I now just have installed WP Mail SMTP because I thought this might be a php mail problem. But it isn’t. The form is also not sending with WP Mail SMTP (the wheel/sandclock is running until a timeout). Then I disabled all installed Plugins (BackUpWordPress, Better Delete Revision, Facebook Auto Publish, TinyMCE Advanced) but still no positive result. By the way the form works with these plugins before.

    Does anybody have an idea maybe?


    I have a similar problem to, The user get the Info “Email is send” but no Email is incoming?


    I get no info “Email is sent”.
    I click on the sending button and the circle begins to rotate and never ends.
    No error message, no info “Email sent”, no incoming mail.

    Interesting news:
    I have several required fields. If I click “send” without filling out any input field, normalize I should get any error (required fields). But the circle is running without any message. So there is something wrong with the plugin or form – I guess

    I’ve also noticed that i am no longer able to disable or delete CF7. If I disable or delete, CF7 is still active and listed at the plugin table. With other plugins there is not. It’s the question of whether CF7 has a bug or WP 4.6.1 has a bug or any other updated plugin is guilty (if so which one?).
    Please try to disable / delete your CF7 if you have the same problems.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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