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    thank you message appear but not receiving emails, I try test mail in Php

    mail ('', "Test Email Subject", "Test mail using php");

    and it works i receive the email.

    can someone guide me what to do to make it work and explain what is happening..


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  • Did you check your gmail spam folder ?

    yes.. also no email receive

    yes, same here, it seems to send out, but nothing came in, neither in inbox or spam.

    You could try using one of the form submission capture plugins, such as Contact Form DB (free) or Storage for Contact Form 7 (commercial), to see if the entry gets stored in your WordPress backend.

    Same problem-I have my Email address-on the site I’m trying to build-
    and it goes through-But once you try using the contact form-all you get is-it was sent-WHERE!!!

    @juliadelrieu & @drwho7154: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    I’m having the same problem. I used this form for all my sites without a problem for a few years. Now i don’t get anything.

    cf 7 mail server is down .. u can’t receive any mail from cf7 even if they show you that your email was sent successfully .. mean while , i enabled Jetpack Contact Forms which end by loading the page and sending the email right away and never goes to your spam box ..

    @jhunlio – Your email is probably being seen as spam somewhere in the email process. This is usually due to email headers (in particular the From email address used) or email content. Emails can be considered spam for a whole host of reasons and get rejected at many points in the email process in addition to your spam folder.

    See Contact Form 7 Email Issues – this links a much more comprehensive article which also covers emails being considered Junk.

    hi everyone thank you for taking time to answer my question.

    it work now!!!!!

    I put this in MAIL section:

    from: [your-name]<*[your-email]*>

    hopefully this help to someone having same problem with me….

    thanks jhunlio that fixed it for me as well

    Does this prove it’s a plugin issue ?

    @jhunlio – please clarify did you use:

    From: [your-name]<*[your-email]*> – which looks wrong


    From: [your-name]<[your-email]> – which is the basic method shown in the default CF7 form.

    Other people are copying your solution exactly, based on several recent posts by JoeGP.

    Try adding the following to the “Additional headers” field of the form:

    Reply-To: [your-name] <[your-email]>

    where is any email address that includes the domain name of your website and Reply-To is the same as From.

    This will notify the recipient mail server that the email originated from your website on behalf of the sender. I wrote a blog post with more details about this solution.

    [Link moderated. Please do not use these forums to promote posts on your own site.]

    The link deleted by the moderator above,, is a useful article that will help users deal with emails sent from CF7 being seen as spam.

    The moderators deletion of the link is inappropriate in this instance IMHO, and I will write to the plugin author to ask him to consider including a link to Kaspars blog post in the plugins documentation.

    Previous contact with WP Forum moderation indicates that the moderators will not have any issue with Kaspars linking to a reference to his blog post in the CF7 documentation.

    The plugin author, Takayuki Miyoshi, is very supportive of others offering genuine helpful support in this forum.

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    I don’t think the moderator’s decision is inappropriate. I appreciate Kaspars’s support, but the promotion for his commercial plugin isn’t welcome.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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