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  • I have tried EVERYTHING to get the contact form to send, but all I get is the “Failed to send your message” in the orange box message. I have not created a custom form yet, I am still using the default sample form that comes with the Plug-in after installing it (because I wanted to test it first). I have tried Easy WP SMTP, using Aksimet, etc, etc. Nothing will allow the form to be sent from the page. Would love to know if anyone has any solutions. I have NEVER had this problem before with a form not sending.

    Here is the URL to the form:

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  • See Contact Form 7 Email Issues. Most people that work through this information appear to be able to resolve their email sending & receiving issues.

    I run several other WordPress sites for clients and I do not have this issue with built-in Contact forms within themes. It is only Contact Form 7 that is having an issue. I have tried changing server settings, etc., nothing seems to change the fact that the form thinks I am sending SPAM. I use HostMonster as my service provider. I thought maybe there was some small bit of info that is not necessarily common regarding CF7 that I don’t know about. None of the FAQ, Support or Forums seem to have an answer, it’s all very general stuff. I have turned on/off Askimet, I have tried routing the SMTP through other servers using an SMTP Plugin, I’ve tried using other email addresses, nothing seems to work. The thing is, I have used an earlier version of CF7 on this very website in the past and it worked fine. Now it doesn’t.

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Try switching to the default theme and deactivating all other plugins.

    Tried switching to the default Twenty Fourteen WordPress template and deactivated every plugin except CF7 and it is still doing the same thing. I have also checked the domain against Blacklists and it doesn’t appear to be on any.

    I am having the same problem. wp_mail function tested repeatedly and works fine, but every time I try to submit a form, I get a red “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” message. I also tried installing an SMTP plugin, disabling all plugins and using default theme to no avail.


    Here is something interesting: All of my WordPress sites are hosted at HostMonster as sub-domains in my main account. So I installed CF7 on one of my other sites and it worked just fine. Go figure! So I tried changing all of my email addresses and using different info to see if CF7 had an issue with the original email info. No go there either. For some reason, CF7 does not like the domain at It’s a puzzling mystery.

    @gillico, I just tried your form and it worked fine for me. 🙂

    Just tried Fast Secure Contact Form and it functioned beautifully with no issues. Though I’d rather use CF7, apparently I am not going to be able to unless someone figures out what’s going on.

    Hello, I need help in connecting a database to a required field. For instance, the user will pass validation on that field only if that data matches to whats in the database.

    My database will be a list of building names. In order for the user to pass validation on that required field for “building name”, they would need to enter a building name that is listed in the database.

    How do I do that on this form or do anyone know of a plugin that does all of this in one ( the database, required field…all of the above)

    I had the same problem when using Contact Form 7, an error message appeared in an orange box: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”.
    The problem is Contact Form 7 plugin that does not allow the form to be sent without browser user agent HTTP header. I just blocked my user agent with Firefox addon ModifyHeaders. If I don’t want to send user agent it’s my choice and it’s not necessary spam, so I call this a sort of censorship from Contact Form 7 because there is no option to allow sending forms without user agent. By the way, this is the only topic still open about the orange box error that I’ve found on If you close all topics (like, there is no way for users to add more informations about the same problem, like I did here and I do not think creating a new topic for giving an answer is good idea.

    Edit: saying “user agent agent is needed” as an error message, would at least help users to know the problem.

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