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  • Hey

    I have a web site that I want to use Contact Form 7 with different receivers. But I cannot seem to get it right. It only works with the email that I added when I installed the WordPress site.

    Can somebody help me here?

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  • Are you wanting to change the email address where the form gets submitted to?



    You can add multiple recipients or copies of the form being sent elsewhere from the form editor.

    Underneath where you add the tags in the emailed form, underneath is a section called Mail(2). Adding the same details as above but with a different email address will send a copy to that 2nd recipient as well.

    Thank you for your answere but the thing I want is to have let say 3 different pages with 3 differenct contact forms that will go ONLY to the person on that page. Is that possible or do I need a different plugin?

    When you create a contact form, you can change the email address that the forms gets sent to.

    This is located in the field below. (In the mail section)

    I believe you will need to create 3 different contact forms and allocate them to the relevant pages with the correct email address.

    e.g. contact form 1 will go to person one with its own specific email address.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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