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  • cowboy Mike


    I am testing contact form 7 on a site that is live using the site maintenance plugin and some others. In testing the form it reports success your email has been sent. But the email is not received regardless of the destination email address. The wp new registration notification emails do work.

    I have read the docs and the faq for the plugin but I cannot seem to find a fix.

    Please advise, Mike

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    I’m having this problem on multiple sites – each using different themes – and I have no idea how long it’s not been working, but it’s not. There’s nothing in my spam folders, either.

    For the OP and any other people, I am using Dreamhost… in case that ends up being the problem.

    cowboy Mike



    I have read the FAQ. I have checked the email logs. I have on the domain that is the target site that the email is suppose to be sent to whitelisted the IP and domain of the wp site the email is being sent from.

    Nothing is ending up in a spam trap.

    I have corresponded with my hosting provider TMZvps and they can find nothing wrong with the server setup nor do they know of a solution.

    So for now just stuck. I am going to try Simple Basic Contact Form and see if it has similar issues.

    Happy trails, Mike

    I found this related thread:

    So I downloaded SMTP Configure. I set it to run through my gmail and it works.

    Little bit of a pain but at least it gets it working.

    cowboy Mike


    Thanks Coz, appreciate you.

    The problem is I am older than dirt 🙂 and the more I have to configure the more there is for me to forget and the more I forget the more I have the perception that I am in early stages of dementia. 😉

    So I think I’ll give the other contact form plugin a try.

    Happy trails and happy holidays, Mike

    For what it’s worth, the wordpress JetPack has a new contact form module. Essentially, it’s an OFFICIAL contact form from wordpress.

    The only reason I use CF7 is because it allows files to be attached to the email (which the official one doesnt).

    Got word from Dreamhost that does seem to state that Dreamhost customers may have trouble due to recent changes.

    Starting in April, we started to roll out our SPAM policy change to all
    servers. As of recently this has been completed so all Dreamhost servers
    need to have a valid FROM address. If not, smtp authentication must be
    used to send properly. Also, our policy is setup for major domains such
    as GMAIL, YAHOO, AOL etc;. So it’s possible a customers email may have
    gotten through if it wasn’t a major mail carrier such as those above.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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