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  • Hi @takayukister
    First of all i cannot say how much i’m grateful that we all here were allowed to use your wonderful plugin for soooo long, all of this because your great work. Anf for this i want to thank you again.

    Regarding the number of recent issues, comments, support request, it appears that all of them are probably pointing to the same issue since the update of the core WordPress version. A cache issue, or a nonce issue whatever you can call it.

    I really believe that a message from you saying either : yes, i’m aware of this and actually i’m working on a fix… or yes, i’m aware of this but i don’t have time for a fix… or even No, i don’t have any idea on how to solve this

    would be very nice to read. Millions of user are dependent of your great plugin, it’s not just a few and if we have to consider another option, that would be nice to hear it.

    Again thanks for your work and i hope you understand me.

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  • Ok, so it’s not just me ….

    You are right, even with update 5.7 this is not resolved.
    I wish I could help

    Also incredibly grateful for this plugin, use it on literally hundreds of sites, but the developer seems to have chosen to ignore this critical issue.. to the point I’m beginning to think he has employed a bot to reply to every mention of it (Default Reply = What Other Plugins Are You Using?).

    If you have a widely used plugin, and suddenly ALL your users (who are unrelated to each other in any way and working completely independently) say it is not working, then maybe you should at least CONSIDER the possibility you made an boo-boo in the last release? They can’t ALL have a plugin conflict, can they?!

    What kind of issues are you guys facing?

    Contact form dashboard does not load on my end. Anyone experiencing the same?

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    @shressuraj depend the website, sometimes its the ajax wheel spinning forever, sometimes a nonce issue… had to rollback to the previous version and now it works

    @shressuraj @scollonp @starfishtaxis @hilmon @numero7
    You can fix this by returning an empty string on:

    Path: {plugin_directory}/contact-form-7/admin/includes/class-contact-forms-list-table.php


    your code should look something like provided below:

    public function get_columns() {
       return "";

    I did not dig deeper since the Grid now appears fine.
    Although this core change is not recommended this was the only way to resolve our issue.

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    @numero7 I see!

    If you have the same issue as me @sodhancha has resolved the issue. Thanks!

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    @shressuraj @sodhancha Thanks for the input, but as you said that’s not the way it should go.. i prefere revert to the previous version while waiting for a fix from @takayukister

    Same here … looks a bit like we get ignored …

    Console says: TypeError: n is null after submit. Nothing happens.

    Rolled back to prev. version.

    See here:

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    For what it’s worth, I agree with what’s said here because @takayukister answers for now seems just to not recognize there’s an ongoing issue with the plugin…

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    The previous one

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