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  • New to WordPress, signed up yesterday and currently trying to create a contact form.

    Used contact form 7 and got that working no issues but then decided to use the suggested recaptcha to aid spam and bots..

    followed the guide and its not working… goggled this and read endless threads about others struggling and im at the point now where i am considering getting rid of contact form 7 and recaptcha unless i can get help…

    – got both sets of google keys and integrated them
    – added [recaptcha] just before the submit button on the form using the button and selecting light etc

    wont load..


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  • i am also having same problem

    I also have same problem, without recaptcha contact form 7 works great

    this is a message which I get after submitting
    “An error occurred while sending the message. Try again later.”

    have someone any suggestions?

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    Same here, activated recapcha wont send the mail

    I have this too but only for ipad.

    Same here. 🙁

    Got same issue

    Any news on this?

    Having the same issue.

    I’m also having this issue. Set up the reCAPTCHA, put in the most basic tag, but I get an orange box and the “An error occurred while sending the message. Try again later.” message. Without reCAPTCHA the form works fine.


    I had the same issue, without recaptcha contact form 7 worked fine, with recaptha error “An error occurred while sending the message. Try again later”.
    The orange border means the form submission is under suspicion of spam. After verifying I had well configured the recapctha key, I debugged step by step the code, finally I found the issue was the proxy.
    I am executing wordpress behind a proxy, but I didn´t have configured the proxy parameters on the wp-config.php. I have solved this issue adding this parameters on the wp-config.php
    define(‘WP_PROXY_HOST’, ‘xxxxx’);
    define(‘WP_PROXY_PORT’, ‘xxxx’);
    define(‘WP_PROXY_USERNAME’, ‘xxxxxxx’);
    define(‘WP_PROXY_PASSWORD’, ‘xxxxx’);

    I hope this can help you

    I’m having customers call me saying the captcha code entered is not being accepted. Only for a few weeks now I think. Mainly on iPhones or Ipads, I’m searching for solutions. Can’t afford to lose all Apple users. Works fine on desktop and Android chrome but not iPhone chrome or safari. Ok on ipad safari. I’m lost! Anyone know why?

    Same here – form works without recaptcha,but with it I keep getting the “Sadly, there was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.” with orange box…


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    I just got rid of it, deleted the code. Let the spam roll in I guess! I can’t trust the captcha anymore and it was annoying my potential customers. All this hard work on SEO I’ve been doing is completely wasted if customers get fed up with the form and go else where.

    I’m starting to think I should have removed it months ago. Maybe then I wouldn’t be down to my last $50 trying to keep my business afloat. It’s been a quiet month for orders yet my Analytics are climbing higher than ever! I blame the captcha. Spent all day trying to fix an intermittent error then gave up. There’s just too many devices and browsers that can’t seem to handle it and I don’t have the time to monitor it.

    I’m also starting to suspect it may have something to do with my recent move to cloudflare. I am happy with them and thought it was a good way to go but it wouldn’t suprise me if the CDN is the cause? Either that or Jetpack, but I’m not using the Jetpack form module as far as I can tell so who knows. I’ve been searching high and low for answers, surely we aren’t the only ones. It seems to be a recent problem, I don’t think I had any problems for the past two years, just recently.

    I’m having the same issue as everyone above. Works fine without the widget. If I add the widget & I get the following message: “An error occurred while sending the message. Try again later.”

    I’ve tried:

    1. Following the Contact Form 7 instructions here:
    The result: Message doesn’t send if I don’t check “I’m not a robot.” Says “Please verify that you are not a robot.” Good. However the message fails to send if I do check the box.

    2. Adding the Google script (<script src=’’></script&gt;) to the head of my page, per the Google Recaptcha set up instructions, and using the ContactForm 7 “[recaptcha]” widget.
    Result: If I don’t click the box, “please verify that you are not a robot”.
    If I click the box, message fails to send.

    3.Adding the Google Recaptcha site key to the form, per Google Recaptcha set up instructions, instead of the Contact Form 7 widget.
    Result: If I don’t click the box, the form sends the message anyway. And if I do click the box, the form also sends the message.

    I should also note that the reason I’m trying to use Recaptcha is because my form was somehow hacked. I received quite a few bounceback messages that look as if some bot was registering people’s email addresses to my form. I have no clue what messages the people were receiving from my form, but I imagine that the hackers were somehow using the autoresponder on my form to spam other people.

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    Okay — This might not be the solution to your problem, but it was the solution to mine:

    When I copied my secret key, I double-clicked to select the whole thing. Google’s page is somehow set up so that if you double-click on the key, you also get the next darn line of text (in my case “Step 1. Client side integration”)… So I was entering aaall that as my key, which of course made it fail.

    Once I entered my key correctly, everything worked fine. Hope this helps everyone else.

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