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  • Hi there,
    I found this great post, where mrchambers explained a hack on how to pass parameters to the form.

    He wrote:

    in plugins/contact-form-7/modules open up text.php.

    find the line:
    $value = $values[0]; (about line 73)

    and replace it with:

    $match = strpos($values[0], 'GET_');
    if ($match === false) {
    	$value = $values[0];
    } else {
    	$values[0] = str_replace('GET_', '', $values[0]);
    	if (isset($_GET[$values[0]])) {
    		$value = $_GET[$values[0]];

    In the latest version of Contact form 7 (2.2 last updated 2010-3-22 – download name: some code has changed. I can´t find the code in text.php:

    $value = $values[0]; in line 73.

    There is some similiar code in line 81:
    $value = isset( $values[0] ) ? $values[0] : '';

    If I replace this line completely with the code of mrchambers my whole wordpress installation is white;) Sorry i´m just a PHP newbie.

    Can someone give me an advice where to add the hack of mrchambers in the latest version of Contact Form 7?

    Thanks in advance

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