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  • Hi,

    Contact Form 7 does not work on my site:

    Here’s some what I have so far::

    It appears that the css code does not have the proper connection to the form (or the other way around). Both the CSS code and the form are generated by the plugin, I doubt this is a theme issue.

    Looking at the source of your page, I see css code like this (excerpt):

    1 <style>
    2 #widget-custom_cf7-3 #cf7_form_box{background-color:orange ; color:green ; padding:10px;}
    3 #widget-custom_cf7-3 .waiting, #widget-custom_cf7-3 .success{background:#fff ;}
    4 #widget-custom_cf7-3 textarea{
    5 margin:5px 0;
    6 height:80px;
    7 width:95%;
    8 }
    9 #widget-custom_cf7-3 input[type=”submit”]{
    10 background: blue ;
    11 color: brown ;
    all targeting a div ID named widget-custom_cf7-3

    the form code right below that looks like this:

    1 <div class=”widget_custom_cf7 widget-single widget-1 widget” id=”custom_cf7-3″><h4 class=”widget-title”>test</h4><p class=”cf7_widget_subheading”>test 2</p> <div id=”cf7_form_box”>
    2 <div class=”wpcfs7″ id=”wpcf7-f1-w4-o1″><form action=”/join#wpcf7-f1-w4-o1″ method=”post” class=”wpcf7-form”>
    3 <div style=”display: none;”>
    4 <input type=”hidden” name=”_wpcf7″ value=”1″ />
    5 <input type=”hidden” name=”_wpcf7_version” value=”2.4.1″ />
    and has a div ID (first line) of custom_cf7-3.


    Any thoughts?

    Thank you.

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