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    I built my wordpress site on a test url and when it was ready moved it over to it’s live destination.

    The form was working beautifuly before, but now although I get the green “thanks” notification it is not sending me the messages.

    I have exactly the same configuration of plugins / version of wordpress etc on the test domain as I do on the live domain, and it is with the same hosting comany on the same hosting package.

    I have tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling, but it seems to be able to remember my specific form settings. So I am wonndering if there is a cache for this, or if somewhere the plugin is still operating as if it was on the test domain?

    Really can’t wrk out what is happening with this so any help much appreciated!

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  • deactivate plugin
    you can do this in the database with phpmyadmin
    log in – “browse” the wp_options table until you find the field wpcf7
    under option_name
    click on “edit” (the pencil icon)
    empty everything in the text field
    now reactivate plugin and it should work after configuring

    Hi Samboll,
    Thank you for your advice. I manged to follow it all, but it still isn’t working. I’ve done a lot of reading on the forum and it seems that a lot of people are having troubles with the plugin. But I can’t find a solution that helps me.

    I know that php mail works on my server and with the hosting package I have. I have scoured over both the test site and the live site and they both are set up in the same way, with the same plugins, same version of wordpress and same settings.

    If fact the only difference seems to be that the form that is working has a donate button at the top of the page and the one that doesnt work doesn’t have that. Which is curious!

    I know it’s not much to go all, all that I can think is that something happened when I moved it over as the fact that one has been moved is the only difference between the sites.

    Any suggestiond would be greatfully received!
    Thanks again,

    Right, upon some further research it seems that I have the same problem as others on this forum. The form isn’t sending to the email address from the same domain.

    When the site was on the test url it was sending ok to my email address (which is the same domain as the live site). It seems that other people have been having this problem too. When I switched the destination email to my hotmail account it works fine. but this isn’t ideal.

    I’m going to see if anyone managed to solve this before so will close this thread. If I have no luck may reopen.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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