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  • I have put contact form 7 on several websites but i want emails to come to one email address. However, the email that i am using only works on a couple of the contact forms… All the others give me a:

    “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.” Message.

    Here is one site it is working on and one it is not working on: <- working <- no working


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  • Are both sites on the same server?

    Difference hosting… one is AnHost and the other is Bluehost.

    Does this make a difference?

    It could make a difference in the way that mail is handled. Have you had any problems receiving standard emails (passwords etc) from the second site?

    No… no problems so far, but the site is newer. The weird thing is that the contact form won’t send anything, to the email i am specifying (which is hosting on godaddy). When i put a gmail address to send it, it works just fine.

    It could be that the hosts are blocking access to outgoing mail if it’s not addressed to the domain. Might be worth asking them if there are any outgoing mail restrictions in place.

    Talked to BlueHost… and i don’t think that is the problem.

    I wonder if anyone else has any problems with Contact Form 7 and bluehost.

    Make sure that the specified from address is a valid email address which is actually created in your BlueHost account/cPanel. The following may help too:

    Also see the following post:

    I’m having this same issue and can’t find a solution, my form will send to gmail addresses and one other domain but not to others and I get the error message. This happens on bluehost but not on godaddy… i’m stumpped.

    I ended up putting a forward on my gmail account to forward emails onto the account i want them in.

    I FOUND IT!!!…

    The Short:
    Log in to the bluehost cpanel and under the mail heading click on MX Entry. Select the domain you are trying to send email to and then select Remote Mail Exchanger. It should fix it.

    The Long:
    My DNS is managed through Godaddy
    I’m Hosting with Bluehost
    My Mail is through Google Apps and the MX records are set up at godaddy.

    The MX Record setting in bluehost controls where the email will send to and since it thought the email address didn’t exist because it wasn’t controlling the mx record it sent back a FALSE… You have to tell bluehost that you are using another service… This solved my problem, hope it helps you.



    Awesome. Thank you for sharing. I wish I found this sooner.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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