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  • thanks Avery, shazen, shopman and everyone else. we are planning to switch hosts to see if that works for us.

    is anyone using 1&1 for hosting? is this a non-issue with them?

    can you send me a link to a page on 1&1 using WordPress wich CF7 so I can test it?


    I have client sites on 1&1 and there aren’t any problems. I can send you links, but they won’t send an email to you – I don’t have it set up that way. I have the forms just send an email to the client – not to the person who filled out the form. So you’ll just have to take my word for it. =)

    so i’m going to do more testing this morning since a) it used to work on godaddy and b) last night i got ALL of the tests i’d sent previously using CF7 unmodified AND with the webformmailer.php inserted into classes… Some showed up in my inbox and entire 3+ hours behind schedule.

    I’ll be glad to see it working, even without a user email confirmation.

    I get occasional test to work, but the e-mail arrives 25 to 55 minutes later, and sometimes not at all.

    I never got any of the previous tests to come thru, so it doesn’t seem like a clog in a pipe somewhere, more like a broken pipe.

    Ninjojo – keep us posted.

    Bulldogs1991CJ – you’ll just have to take my word for it… the sites on 1&1 are working without a problem.

    I have been having this same issue with the the intermittent delivery of mail from Contact 7 on GoDaddy. Switch plug-ins to Custom Contact form and am having the same problem. I get some messages and others never arrive. Those that do arrive have a delivery latency of 15-75 minutes. This is happening on multiple domains that I have hosted at GoDaddy.

    I have another site with Contact 7 running hosted at Site5 and testing results in delivery within 5 minutes of form submission.

    Multiple calls have been made to GoDaddy and the last response was it is a WordPress issue and research it at the WordPress forums. Looks like we are all in the same boat that is taking on water and GoDaddy won’t throw any of us a life preserver.

    Ok. so i got my first test back.

    – using default CF7 settings (not changing anything in classes.php)
    – sent at 10:09Am. arrived at 10:31AM.

    i sent another one a little later. waiting on it.

    I see 4 issues in this topic.

    1. Why is email delayed for a period of time?
    Your web site may be hosted on a shared server with many other web sites. The email server could be overloaded. An email server has to make an outgoing connection to send each email message. When an email server has many requests for sending email, the emails are held in a Mail queue and sent out a one at a time. An overloaded server with many mail requests will cause a delay in sending mail. Sometimes a spammer will find an exploit in one of the web sites on the server and start sending massive amounts of spam. This will overload the mail server. If your mail is being delayed, you should make a trouble ticket with your host so that they can check the server logs and Mail queue. The server administrator can tell if the Mail queue is overloaded.

    There are other possible causes like DNS or connection outages that may only be temporary. In some cases of a server that is exploited and sending out spam, the server IP address may be temporarily banned by other mail servers. Sometimes your mail server IP address ends up on a SORBS spam list and gets blocked by various mail systems. This may not be your fault because many sites on a web hosting server share the same IP. more …

    2. Form action URL problems: get_permalink() is not reliable to use for contact form action URL in WordPress, it can cause mixed results for form action URL, especially in sidebar. For example: if the form is in a sidebar, get_permalink() can return a page that is different than the one you are on. I use different code in my contact form plugin to make the form action URL and no longer have the problems.

    3. Potential Form action URL problems on Windows IIS servers: If the form will not send and redirects to the same page, read this: IIS does not like that there is no document file type in the URL (no .php, .htm, or .html). The permalinks need to have in .php or .htm or .html in the URL because IIS servers will not display a page using an unknown document type when the page is using GET or POST method. Instructions to fix is here:

    4. Some servers require the fith parameter to PHP mail set to an email on the same domain or mail WILL NOT send. My contact form is capable of supporting this. If you do not receive email, email does not send, or always goes to the “Spam” folder. Here is how to troubleshoot mail delivery:

    Mike Challis

    Thank you Mike. I’m going to install your plugin and see if it works any better than Contact Form 7.

    I will also try Shazen’s suggestion of using the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin along with Contact Form 7.

    I’ll reply in a few hours to let you all know my results.


    i’ll try the WP-Mail-SMTP plug in.
    i downloaded it.
    activated it.
    now what else do i do with it?

    Same problem here, GD host, CF7 not working.
    Tried to put a Wufoo form instead -works like a charm.
    Options are somewhat more limited in the free version,but at least it works.

    Hey, Spolevoy—

    What does your Wufoo form have as the “form action”? What is it using to post the info to GD’s server?


    Or, wait—does Wufoo host the form? I was thinking it was a formbuilder, but the form actually lives over there with them, huh?

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