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  • I’m having a similar issue where my mail 1 works fine but mail 2 will not send at all. I have tried deactivating the pluggin and reactivating and different email addresses but still the same issue. Can anyone help us?

    … oh and my page id

    Me too.
    The successful message appears, but the email dosen´t go.


    I had the same problem, yesterday.
    The Mails are all in the Spam Folder from my outlook 🙁
    Now I have change my Contact Form Plugin. With this I can set a “Subject prefix”…and now all Contact Mails arrived me again.

    The other Plugin called: Clean Contact.

    Thanks for the tip 3task but I know how to check my spam/junk folders. When i say there not being sent I mean exactly that! I have tested sending to multiple accounts hotmail, gmail, yahoo which all used to work but now it is not sending the mail 2 but is sending mail 1 and no there not in the spam/junk folders.

    Does anyone else have any ideas or is this a bug in the latest update?

    I too am not getting emails sent though any of my Contact Form 7 forms anymore.

    I am afraid that anything sent through this plugin is being flagged by my server as junk (not even in my spam folder) before it even gets sent to my email.

    I am going to try to work this out, otherwise I will have to try a new plugin, or (gasp) code it all by hand!

    yeah i’m thinking i might even fork out the doe to get an aweber account with the way this pluggin is going 🙁



    Yep got the same issue. Weird thing is, the contact form works in the sidebar, but as soon as I place it on the actual contact page it doesn’t work.



    I’m having the same problem. Get the green box message sent, but no e-mail arrives. I had the same problem with MM forms about 6 weeks ago and changed to contact 7 to sort out this problem. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but I upgraded WordPress to version 3.0.1 recently. Any one else noticed there could be a link to the update?



    I’ve reinstalled the wordpress update and I’m now getting forms on email again.



    I have the same problem! And i reinstalled everything :S does anyone have another solution?



    i have the same problem , is it required mail server

    – FIX –

    The SMTP needs to be authenticated. Download and install the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Once the local server information is added in Settings >> Email, the emails should get sent out to any outside email addresses.

    Link to plugin:

    Priscila, isn’t the WP Mail SMTP plugin just for sending email? Not sure how to configure it to receive email using Contact Form 7.

    Priscila, isn’t the WP Mail SMTP plugin just for sending email? Not sure how to configure it to receive email using Contact Form 7.

    Yes, it is. It also helps authenticate and allow the server to send out emails to outside servers. Even though you have Contact Form 7 for the forms, the WP Mail SMTP plugin helps sends it out for the servers that requires authentication. The emails generated by the Contact Form 7 forms will automatically send out once you have this plugin installed, activated and added information in the Settings >> Email information.

    If this does not fix you problem, please specify details, error messages, or link to the form.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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