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    I’ve set up a contact form through contact form 7. After filling everything thing out, I get a “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” message in all green text. When I go to my email, I don’t receive anything (yes the email I entered to have it sent to is correct). I have another website and the Contact Form 7 works flawlessly. Any idea on how to fix this?

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    I am getting a “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” error. All plugins have been updated. Can any please show me how to fix this?

    I’ve set up a contact form through contact form 7. After filling everything thing out, I get a “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” message in all green text.

    I have same problem

    Same here. I followed the instructions. ‘Thank you for your message. It has been sent.’ But no message received.

    The problem is not “resolved”

    I tried to see if it was the server to block outgoing emails with this plugin
    but the plugin has sent me the email correctly.
    So I think it’s just a problem of CF7

    My email account is working because I can send email to it directly. However, if I submit an email from my website, I get the success message, but no email. On my Contact Form 7, I am getting a syntax error in the From field. I have not changed this code for several years, and it was working before. I have tried various combinations of tags, but I still keep getting the error. I want the From field to contain the name and email of the person trying to contact me. So I tried [your-name] [your-email], I tried just [your-name] or just [your-email], I tried [email* your-email], but I still get the error. I have read several pages of help documents, but I still don’t know how to set this up. Help!

    I am also having issues with my contact form. None of my test emails are going through. I’ve done everything I can to find and verify its being sent to the right email, but I’m not even sure of that. I’d appreciate ANY help on this.

    It seems that CF7 is not sending emails through mobile devices….has anyone encountered such an issue?? I have checked my server logs and found nothing….while mobile does not send emails, desktop does….

    Having the same issue it seems. Everything worked fine Jan 5 2017. Emails were sending just fine. Now, I get a ‘Please try again’ error. I’m not using SMTP, and do not plan to, as it was working fine before. The only change that has been made since Jan 5, when it worked, was added new subpages and plugin and them updates. I used the Check email plugin and is sends the test email just fine. My host provider are not helpful at all. The troubleshooting guide for Contact Form7 is not helpful either. The fact is that it worked, and now it doesn’t.

    Does anyone know when a fix will be released?

    I’ve also tried Formidable plugin, and doesn’t work either.

    The help links from the developer did nothing for me. I ended up changing to Contact Form Ready. When that didn’t work, I contacted that developer who responded to me immediately and gave me some direction for solving the problem. Turns out I had malware in my site files and my email was blocked. I had to do several things to get rid of it and get it unblocked. I decided to stick with Contact Form Ready plugin because the developer gave me personal attention!



    Hi all,

    I was having the exact same problem as this, Contact Form 7 saying it was sent, but getting no email.

    I found this article –

    TLDR – Problem can be related to or spam filters on your mail server if you’re using that in some cases. I was able to send the contact form to a gmail address, but not to an address using Outlook 365.

    Installed and configured this plugin alongside CF7 – – and bingo, emails sending perfectly.

    Hopefully this helps at least some people who have the same issue as the OP as it took me about an hour to figure this out

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 2 months ago by Jamie.

    Hi Folks,
    As Takayuki Miyoshi requested to a another thread & it would be the better way. But I would like to request you to check your SPAM folder. If you can see the confirmation message then I am pretty much sure that it has been sent anywhere. One more important thing you can check that is MX Records from your cPanel.

    Good Luck,



    Well just a note, outlook has SUPER extreme filters and wasn’t relaying messages, so in one of the cases where I had this come up where the company receiving the forms was using CF7, they had to revert to just listing their email address, as outlook detected it was coming from a form and just wouldn’t let it though. No problems with gmail/google apps etc, just outlook / office365 based setups

    Hey you all,

    I wasn’t getting email through my computer test. Not sure about mobile.

    I found this

    All I did was change my “from” email address to one from my host and everything works great.

    I hope this helps some of you. It’s frustrating.

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