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  • Hi there

    I’m having trouble with a client’s site. They have recently implemented Salesforce CRM as their back office and I’m now trying to update all their Contact From 7 forms to send information through to Salesforce. This has been working fine on their other sites, but on the last one, for some reason CF7 doesn’t seem to be saving the new contact form to the database.

    If I create the new contact form, it saves fine in the CF7 dashboard, and if I even add the code to a page and preview that page in draft form, the form shows up fine on the site. However, if I then publish the page, instead of the form I get a ‘404 form not found’ error.

    I went into the database and sure enough, there is no record of the new form I’ve created, even though it’s showing up in the CF7 dashboard. I’ve no idea where it is saving the information.

    There is only one database on this server and I’ve tried searching all the other tables to see if the information is somewhere else, but I’ve come up with nothing. I also tried editing the CF7 forms that do already exist, but the changes I make are also not being saved to the database. I’ve deactivated and reactivated all the other plugins to see if they are affecting CF7, but still nothing. As a last ditch attempt I was going to delete CF7 and reinstall, but I’m holding off just in case I end up with no contact forms at all, and thought I’d see if anyone on here had any ideas?

    The site is –

    Thanks for listening.

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  • Contact forms are stored into {your_table_prefix}posts table and having wpcf7_contact_form post type.

    However, if I then publish the page, instead of the form I get a ‘404 form not found’ error.

    Apparently this issue is not relating to Contact Form 7 plugin.

    Thanks for responding. You mentioned that this is apparently not related to the CF7 plugin – do you know why?

    Thanks again.

    Uh, sorry. I misread it. It’s an error from Contact Form 7. As you can see in the FAQ, it tells that contact form spcified by the shortcode is missing.

    My contact form doesn’t appear. Instead, a code [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”] appears.

    Hi there

    I understand why the error message is being generated, because the plugin can’t find the form, but what I don’t understand is why the form appears in the CF7 dashboard, but isn’t being saved to the database.


    If it appears in the dashboard, it surely exists in the database.

    Do you use correct shortcode shown in the plugin’s admin panel? If you are sure using correct code and it still not work, what happens if you try deactivating all other plugins and switching to the default theme?

    This is the same problem that I’m having right now. The form appears on dashboard but it’s not saved to the database.

    mattyk1972… did you solved this issue?


    I have the same problem.
    New form show in the Contact dashboard but it is not saved to the database.
    Copied shortcode from dashboard and pasting in on a page results in 404.
    Obviously if the form is not saved in the database it will not show up.

    what is the fix?

    YUP… this is definitely happening to quite a lot of people, it would be great if the plugin author could provide a solution.

    I built a wordpress site in a domains sub-directory, I then moved the install to the root and all the database stuff for all other plugins was stored on the database under plugin specific tables.

    I have only got half of the data for contact form 7. The forms are still on the pages and on the left of the wp dashboard, but on the right the email content is missing.

    I searched in the database and yes it is there, but it is being stored in wp_posts, herein lies the problem – there are no tables for this data.

    Any ideas on how to apply a remedy??

    @mofeenster – if you need help, please post in the contact 7 forum, not in a months-old thread.

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