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  • My Contact Form 7 plugin is no longer working. I fill out the form and hit send. The green box pops up saying that the email was sent but then I never get the email. I have tried reinstalling the plugin, searching google for similar problems but nothing seems to fix the issue.

    I am using wordpress version 2.9.2 and Contact Form 7 version 2.1.1

    here is the site:

    Thanks for any help

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  • First, make sure if you are able to receive other mail from WordPress such as comment notifications.

    I am getting the email but the content from the form is not coming through.

    I am searching for a solution but thought i would go ahead and post as I haven’t found one yet.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    It rocks the house.

    Roger Rowe, open a new thread, please.

    I am having the same problem. What is interesting is that I have installed different contact plugins and they do the same thing. Any ideas from anyone yet? I can receive emails when the reply email address are set to a different domain. When they are set to the same domain as the website it doesn’t work.

    I am having the same issue. The form says the email is sent successfully, but I never receive it. I am running WP v2.9.2 and Contact Form 7 v2.1.2. Emails from registration of new users works fine.

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

    @kenderson – since you commented here on your problem, I deleted your similar comment on the other thread.


    Im having similiar issues with the contact form.(latest wp and form installed)

    Message is sent ok from the site but it never arrives in my email account (hotmail).

    Notification of comments etc arrive ok, anyone any suggestions please?

    Found a “fix”

    Had the same problem, I’m not quite sure why this is (someone enlighten me??) but I changed the e-mail address that the info from the form is sent to.

    It is now NOT the same as the admin e-mail address that is used under the admin user profile to recieve WordPress updates.

    I now get the info from the form sent to my new e-mail addy and it comes through ok.

    I got this same issue but after reading lots of same issue in here and different forum, doing the same thing.

    Just found out that all message we’re sent in my gmail account but only received as a Spam message.

    I am having the same problem using any contact form. It says sent but the content does not come through.

    New user registrations do come through.

    I was having this problem today, but mrweavey’s fix has resolved it for me – I changed the destination e-mail address to something other than the blog’s admin address and suddenly I’m getting e-mails again.

    I found a solution to this and added the answer on The Associator

    I found that the “Mail To” email address could not be that of ANY USER… not just the Admin. Strange bug… you’d think it would default to the Admin, not exclude them. Changing it to an unused email address fixed it, though.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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