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    Installed WordPress on my domain (hosted by DreamHost) using the ‘oneclick’ installs provided by my hosting company.
    Added the Contact Form 7 to one of my pages.
    When testing it does say email successfully sent, but I receive no emails.
    I have tried using gmail, yahoo, my own domain email, doesn’t work for any of them.
    I have also tried various other contact form plug ins, nothing works. I receive no emails. They don’t even come to the Spam folder.
    I have read a few threads here with similar issues, but I still don’t know how to fix this problem.
    Is there any contact form that actually works for anyone in WordPress version 3.4.1?

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  • esmi


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    Do you, or have you ever, received standard emails from WordPress – such as new user or comment notifications?

    Yes, I received the welcome email when I set up my site a couple of days ago.



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    No – not the welcome email. Anything else?

    No. I have set my settings to not allow comments and new users, because it’s just a basic site for my freelance business, so i don’t want anyone to register or comment.

    But i need to figure out this contact forms problem asap.



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    Add a new test user via Admin -> Users using another of your email addresses and see if you get a notification email at this address or your site owner’s one.

    Hi, it looks like you may be running afoul of our spam prevention tactics, which prevent you from sending email from an address that isn’t

    Your own domain email should be working, though, which is pretty odd! Are you using dreamhost’s mail servers or gmail?

    @ esmi – I have done that, still no emails received neither at my gmail account nor at my own domain email.

    @ Ipstenu-DH – I have tried both sending to my gmail email account and my own domain email hosted on Dreamhost servers. Nothing works. Email is apparently successfully sent using the Contact Form 7, but nothing received.

    Should I contact Dreamhost support for this issue, since all seems fine at WordPress side?

    You can try first, to see if that fixes it.

    If that fails, please open up a ticket with DH and someone can look at your email logs to see if it’s really being sent.

    I will caveat that WP seems to be sending emails so it’s probably how you set up the form. I just installed it on my DH test site and I have no issues receiving emails. Did you check your spam?

    @ Ipstenu-DH

    I access my webmail via SquirrelMail on Dreamhost. When I log in I can only see following folders:

    Last Refresh:
    Thu, 10:39 am
    (Check mail)

    – INBOX
    Trash (Purge)

    There is no SPAM folder so I can’t check. My gmail spam did not have any emails in though.
    I will contact Dreamhost support.

    Guys, DreamHost fixed it for me.
    If anyone is having the same issue, make sure:
    1. The Contact Form 7 needs to send using the domain you
    are hosting with your hosting company, not using a domain that is not using them.
    2. ‘To’ field in the contact form 7 must be your domain email. E.g.
    ‘From’ field must be:

    Yeah, that’s what I meant when I said that we prevent you from sending email from an address that isn’t I should have been more clear, though and I’ll try to be in the future!

    Glad it got fixed!

    I’m having almost the same issue.. The e-mail just does not send, the error is:
    Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.

    here is the website

    I’m using two diferent plugins and the error stills..

    carlos, here are directions for how to get it to work:

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