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    It even says that it has send it, i have spent a lot of time researching and found this:

    this is the exact problem that i am having, it says:

    Showing the green border message means that the PHP function for sending the mail has certainly completed successfully. So if you can’t receive the mail, it’s highly possible that the mail has been kidnapped or killed after that.

    If you can check the log of your mail server, it could give you some clues. Spam filter often causes this kind of problem.

    this doesn’t help me very much.

    i have also tried other plugins such as Configure SMTP
    from this thread

    and WP SMTP Config

    but for both i don’t know how to use them and if I just activate them without changing the settings an error comes up when i try and use the contact form.

    also another method, from here

    is this:
    “Thankfully there’s a work-around for you, and it’s really easy. The plugin SMTP Configure, once installed and activated, will automatically fix this for you! It’s written by a reliable and trusted programmer, and I highly recommend it. Remember! Once you install the plugin, just activate it. Seriously, there’s nothing else to do.”

    that’s the plugin I did what the person said install and activated and the same as the above happened and in the comments someone wrote “I set this up and now everything is working great. But, for me, it wasn’t as simple as just activating the plugin. I had to change some of the default settings (SMTP host and Use SMTPAuth) to get it up and running. Thanks again.”

    another person couldn’t do it and wrote
    “somehow it doesn’t work for me. i’ve tried a lot of contact form plugins to see if one would work, all would say email sent, but emails didn’t arrive. yes, i’m trying to use an address that is not (it’s gmail). thinking smpt configure would work around this, i installed it (first i actually installed WP-Mail-SMTP which didn’t work either and so i deactivated it) and now emails are not sent anymore at all (“Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”)

    any ideas?

    thanks a lot!”

    and then the author writer wrote:

    “First change it to an email that IS yours Just to make sure that you don’t have another plugin conflicting.

    Remember that it’s the ‘from’ email that has to be yours, not the to.”

    so please can someone help me, thanks, please!

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  • Are you using a caching plugin? If so add your contact page to the list of pages not to cache..wait…test…if not you may need to consult with host (re: emailing from wp)

    i don’t have any caching plugins. so what would you recommend anything apart from emailing host?

    it’s for a client, i’m making them a website and I am desperate!

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