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  • I’ve been using Contact Form 7, with one simple form on my site, which pretty much just used all the defaults and worked fine. Today I had the occasion to test something, and in order to do so, needed to create a second form.

    When I entered the Contact Form 7 settings/creation page the first thing I noticed is that the box under “Copy this code and paste it into your post, page or text widget content.” is now empty (yes, on the form that has been working, and still works, all along). There is no longer any code in that box to copy.

    When I tried to create a new form with some custom fields, that “insert code” box is also empty.

    The original code for my first form, when copied from the page where it’s worked all along, still works when inserting it into a new test page.

    I tried modifying that code, after saving the new form, to reflect the new form’s name, but received an error code on the page. [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]

    I’ve looked through the forums here, using various search terms to try and find out whether someone else has experienced this problem, but to no avail.

    I would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Try deactivating all other plugins and switching to the default theme. Some of them might be causing JavaScript conflict.

    Thank you, I’ll give that a try.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, and found the same problem. Then, on a whim, I tried installing a different contact form plugin…and it corrupted even worse, did not even install properly. I recently had tried installing an unrelated plugin to fix a different issue I’d been having for some time, and found that wouldn’t work properly, either, so there is definitely “something going on” on a base level with my site.

    Much of my site’s operation depends on the theme I chose to design it (Atahualpa). I may have to rethink everything from the ground up.

    I really appreciate the input. Thanks again.

    Unfortunately, that did not work. I disabled all plugins and switched to the default theme.

    I’m still unable to reinstall Contact Form 7 (still nothing in the Insert Code box but a blue blank area). I also tried installing a different contact form plugin, and that did not install properly, either. I also still have the same old problems with the visual editor that I’ve had in the past (though that’s another topic, of course).

    I’ve gone back to my usual theme for now, until I can figure out what to try next, because my clients are used to finding things on the website in a certain way.

    Hey, I have exactly the same problem with the plug. I strongly need help on this. Currently I use the plugin that generates a replacement form, but lack the ability to add new form fields is terribly problematic.

    For me the problem with the plug Contact Form 7 occurred about 1.5 months ago, but also came to this lack of choice and to add new form fields to the right in the administration panel.

    I ask your help in this matter, I am in great need of this plugin.

    I have the same problem and have not been able to get the form to work.

    Exact same problem.
    Contact Form 7 has worked great for years. Now all of a sudden all of my forms are blank and I’m getting blank inquiries.

    Anyone that knows what is going on would be greatly appreciated.

    Well, I had begun to think there was something global on my site, and that I’d have to reinstall WordPress (which I still haven’t had time — or courage — to do) and start over from scratch. But with others appearing here with the identical problem, it seems like it’s actually a problem with the Contact Form 7 plugin itself?

    I wish everyone luck! Sorry I have nothing constructive to add. 🙁

    I’m having this same issue. Anyone find the sollution yet?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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