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  • Resolved Azam


    We have had the Contact Form 7 form displaying on our contact page for many years without any problem. However, recently, the form has suddenly stopped appearing.

    There is mainly a blank space where the form used to appear. All we see is two lines, for the left and right of the form and the ‘send’ button.

    We’ve checked in several different browsers.

    We have checked the code of the page and the contact form tag is still correctly there:

    [contact-form-7 id="52" title="Contact form"]

    Even when I create a brand new webpage, only using this code, nothing appears.

    We haven’t changed a single thing with the website in many months.

    Can somebody please advise how we can get the contact form to start appearing again please?
    Thank you very much.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    That is a theme issue. Try switching to the default theme.

    Why you are advised to deactivate plugins and switch to the default theme.

    Check your child theme stylesheet :

    .form-row p{
      margin: 0;
      padding: 0;
      display: none;

    and delete the declaration “display: none”.

    Thread Starter Azam


    Thank you for your responses.

    If it is an issue with the theme, for your information the theme hasn’t been changed and is identical to what we have been using for many years. So why has Contact Form 7 stopped working now when it worked correctly with the identical theme for many years?

    I’d be genuinely curious to know.

    Many thanks.

    Thread Starter Azam


    Thank you once again for your kind assistance.

    > “delete the declaration “display: none”.”

    We have deleted the “display: none” line from the style.css file in the folder you have specified.

    However, the contact form still doesn’t appear. We have tried in several different browsers and devices.

    As an experiment we have tried to change the theme to the default WordPress one of 2023 and the form does suddenly appear when we do that.

    But I would like to emphasise that we have been using the identical theme for our website for nearly ten years – the theme has not had to be edited or ‘updated’ in any way – and it has always shown Contact Form 7 without any problems until now.

    What can we do to have Contact Form 7 appear again please?

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    The issue is that in one of the recent updates Contact Form 7 started to wrap fields into “p” (paragraph) tags. Nobody asked for this change.

    And since in your theme those paragraph tags are hidden when they’re inside .form-row, it causes the fields inside them to be hidden too.

    In your case, deleting display: none didn’t help because you’re using CDN and files there didn’t update yet. I would suggest forcefully updating cached files stored on CDN.

    Thread Starter Azam


    Thank you. Your expertise and advice is invaluable.

    This is what the form used to look like. It worked fine for many years.

    Which CDN are we using for this website please, so we may hard refresh the page out of the cache? I’ve tried using two different CDN checkers and they say the site is not using a CD.

    You’re using Shortpixel CDN. When I’m trying to locate the style.css file that is responsible for hiding paragraphs I get this:

    Alternatively you could edit your style.css and change the theme version. Depending on the CDN settings and the way your theme is structured it may force CDN to update the file:

    	Theme Name: Bromptons Theme
    	Theme URI: -
    	Description: -
    	Version: 1.0
    	Author URI:
    	Tags: Bromptons Theme

    change to Version: 1.0.1

    In the end of all of this make sure to empty the cache of any caching plugin that you’re using so the changes would be visible to guests.

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    Thread Starter Azam


    You guys are trying amazing.

    Thank you for the indepth advice rinart73! You’re a true star.

    The contact form is suddenly appearing for me again now. I’ve tried in a few browsers. I am relieved and delighted!

    I know it’s an entirely different plugin, but we used Simple Google Map to show a map of our client’s location below the contact form. It appeared for years below the ‘send’ button. However, I just noticed that the map has also disappeared?

    Strangely, the map no longer appears on the desktop site, but does on the mobile one.

    Kindly advise what I can do to show the map on desktop site please?
    Thank you.

    Thread Starter Azam


    Contact Form 7 is now showing. But, as per my message above, the map from Google maps is still no longer appearing.

    Any idea on how to fix matters so it re-appears please?

    Thank you and Happy New Year.



    Hello everyone, i am having an issue with my contact form 7, i am using it in a ThemeForest, and it says it is compatible with it. the form works as sending info and receiving it. but i can’t see any lines for the labels it is just blank form. still can fill it but no design

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