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    I loaded Contact Form 7 a month ago and it used to work. Now it only show the tag as text on the page. In an html viewer I can see that it is not picking up any HTML code, only showing as a text line:

    107<p>To contact us or submit a question to The Obvious Expert, please complete the form below.</p>
    108[contact-form 2 “Contact Us”]


    I have tried to uninstall any plugin that I had installed after Contact Form 7, but have not been able to resolve this.

    Any ideas?

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  • I am having the same problem on my page:

    Any help out there? Thanks

    what has happened to me before 2 times in 2 different sites, it’s that it automatically disappears when it’s outdated, so you have to have the latest version of the plugin. After i upgraded it, it began to work fine in both sites!

    I have the latest version, and just completely uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled and it still isn’t working. Any other ideas?

    I just installed it on my website, and the fields do not show. The form works, but the fields are invisible in both Firefox 3.0.10 and IE 8.

    I just removed this plugin and tried Enhanced WP-ContactForm… same result. No borders around the text fields… weird. Apparently it is not the plugins since it happens on 2 different ones.

    I tried again with Clean Contact.. same result.. form works, but has not boxes around the text input.

    eenhtx, are there any possibilities of conflicts with other plugins or theme?

    Im also having this issue. The form works just fine but all the text boxes are invisible. Anyone know whats going on here?

    Anybody find a solution to this yet?

    I don’t have a solution but I’m thinking it could be a version problem perhaps? I just started a site and am running wp 2.8 on it and just installed the plugin and it’s working for me.

    Here is the exact html that I pasted onto the page as recommended by the plugin.

    [contact-form 1 "Contact form 1"]

    It’s the standard form that the plugin has created for me.

    Here is the code that makes up the contact area that I am running.

    <p>Your Name (required)<br />
        [text* your-name] </p>
    <p>Your Email (required)<br />
        [email* your-email] </p>
    <p>Subject<br />
        [text your-subject] </p>
    <p>Your Message<br />
        [textarea your-message] </p>
    <p>[submit "Send"]</p>

    I don’t know if it helps or if I’m on the right path as I am new to this but are you editing the html in the tools > contact form 7 area? Like I mean your not just pasting all the code into the html area of your page or post?

    I would say to edit the html how you want in the tool > contact form 7 area and then paste the code it gives for your custom form into the html area of your page or post to call in the plugin.

    I hope I help a little.


    I think the problem is not solved in IE 6 , 7 & 8
    for the link –>

    if you get render from –>
    the page is complety destroy !!! (other pages ok)

    working on MAC, I use this site for testing IE !!!!

    I have nearly the same problem (ok in others browsers)

    Kind regards

    The problem has been fixed and the forms returned after the latest plugin update from Contact Form 7 came out after 2.8.

    Thanks to all that tried to help!

    I’m having the same problem – but on only one of my websites! When i put in the code: [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”] it just shows as text – not the Contact form. Weird that it works on my other sites. Any ideas, anyone?

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