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  • Hello, Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide:

    I have Contact Form 7 installed, and am hosting my site on GoDaddy. It certainly took a long while to resolve those two and get the Form working, but I eventually did.

    My problem now: When someone sends an email through the Contact Form, it shows up in my inbox as being FROM… not whatever email they put in on the form. Meaning, to reply, I need to copy/paste their email from the body. Annoying, after awhile.

    I suspect this is an option somewhere between WP/CF7/GoDaddy, but can’t figure out which. Thanks again,

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  • wpismypuppet


    You should read the FAQ section of the plugin’s site:


    That should answer your question.

    Hi, thanks for the quick reponse!

    I did see that earlier, and changed:

    On SETTINGS >> EMAIL, I changed the ‘From Email’ to “Sender Name <>” as the FAQ page described. I then retried the contact form, and emails are still coming in showing the same ‘from’ address as before.

    Under SETTINGS >> GENERAL, what should the “Email-Address” be listed as? Leaving it blank isn’t an option. This is the one with the note “This address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification.”




    Any chance you could send a screenshot of your form’s edit area?

    Yes, let’s see if this works…

    Under SETTINGS >> GENERAL, what should the “Email-Address” be listed as? Leaving it blank isn’t an option. This is the one with the note “This address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification.”

    You need enter your email there and that will used in contact form 7

    And here’s the screen shot of the Advanced Email Options:

    View post on

    Thanks Govpatel – I had my email in there and it didn’t change how form emails came through. Perhaps it’s just unrelated to this problem… I’ve since returned it to being my email.



    I would try using the PHP mail() function instead of SMTP… see if that change helps. PHP mail() should use those fields correctly. This is found under the advanced email options area.

    My only issue with that goes back to my site being hosted with GoDaddy. The only way to get Contact Forms & WordPress (that someone with my limited level of expertise can figure out) to work with GoDaddy is to go the SMTP Route. I lost quite a bit of hair trying to get the form to work at all over the past month.

    My wife was dissapointed. She liked the hair.



    Well in doing a little research I have found that TONS of people have problems with this plugin and GoDaddy. Apparently GoDaddy servers are very picky when it comes to email. The fact that you got it to send email at all seems like a plus in your corner. I doubt you will get this to work from what I’ve read.

    I particular would not recommend GoDaddy for any reason, but if you are intent on sticking with them as a hosting company, you’re probably out of luck. If it helps, we use Gravity Forms on a ton of sites. Costs some cash ($40 for a personal license) but it’s an amazing plugin, and very powerful. We’ve used it on a GoDaddy server without any difficulties. Maybe try a new plugin?

    P.S. Sorry about the hair… Do you have kids? Because you should save what hair you have left for them… they’ll make it grey first though, then it’ll fall out when they’re teenagers!

    I probably invested about four hours trying to get CF7 to work on WP / GoDaddy. It was no small feat, but reading enough people say “finally got it to work…” was encouraging.

    Thanks for the recommendation on Gravity Forms. I went to their support site to see if folks had any issues with GoDaddy… there were many! BUT, who knows, perhaps they’re basic questions like mine. I’ll continue to look into it, thank you!

    In the meanwhile if anyone reads this plea for help and something obvious that I’ve missed stands out, please – help!

    Cheers everyone,

    Just got off the phone with GoDaddy. They were real nice, but the response was that since the form is on my site (and I don’t have access to the customer’s email), the email has to be sent from me, to me. “It would be a complicated and expensive php script well beyond my means that would accomplish what you’re trying to do,” he said. I understand what he’s saying about the customer ostensibly sending email from my website – but it seems strange that some simple lines of code somewhere can’t change the ‘from’ email that hits my inbox.

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