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  • I have a serious problem with the fields in contact form 7.
    The form is a really nice program although I was really looking at the plugins php programming it seems someone has done allot of work on this plugin I see one problem is that I can not edit the short codes example [email*your-email 5/20] or any size other than what it is set at by default will not change anyway this could also be with the web sites CSS itself not at all in the php programming.
    The plugin has allot of advantages as well as many features I have never seen before in a contact form I would make a donation very soon as I am done fixing this long field problem. There is one other problem I am having I use SSL and I have noticed that because I am using something wrong my SSL lock only appears on pages that it seems to think are secure. It seems to disappear this is most likely when anything is able to change on a page even if you can click on it like a graphic in word press takes the lock off browser on that page. The SSL is installed correctly I am well aware of this although I seem to have allot of issues with trying to find the input field functions within the contact-us part of this web site I am working hard on
    I really love the extra features this form has it dose just about everything you would want a form to do I love it is awesome for sure allot of great php programming I must add. Although can we please fix the field issue please I am set way back from finishing my work because I can not change this field I may get fired from my job if I don’t I am trying nothing seems to work.
    Regards Vin j

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  • thirdside


    I’m having the same issue, across a number of sites so I know it’s not a conflict with a particular theme or set of plugins. I put modifiers into the field shortcodes to do something simple like resize the width of a textarea box, but the modifiers just don’t take. Anybody have any idea what’s going on?



    Oops, never mind. I was using the wrong syntax – bit confusing, as 24/ for text and 24x for textarea do basically the same thing. Just need to remember to check the tag generator.

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