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  • Same Problem, Since I Updated my theme to latest wp version and contact form 7 to latest version, this problem has arises.

    Contact Form 7 isn’t sending messages. This seems to have been an issue for some time. It just came to my attention now.

    What can I do to troubleshoot this issue?


    rollback the plugin to 5.3 can solve the issue,

    But make sure, backup both database and files

    as per the forum Please refer this

    I even rollback the plugin to 5.3, that can solve my problem to some extend 🙁

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    Thanks for the heads up. How can I rollback the version?

    For a rollback there is the plugin

    Well, a rollback is not a good solution. A fix would be a better solution.

    Yes, same problem and I agree to fix this problem would be the best solution

    I couldn’t figure out how to “roll back” the plugin.

    I decided to de-activate this one and added a different contact form creator. I found a lifetime offer for a low price and lots of functionality!

    Here’s the link:

    (this is an affiliate link, but I spent at least an hour searching for a solution and then searching for an alternative. I think that deserves a little bit of love!)

    yes I agree with the @lorenz76 , that the rollback is not the good option.

    for my site, I tried to rollback the plugin & it start working.

    For the good option, try Updating your theme, WordPress version to latest, and contact form 7 to the latest version. so it will work

    @havingtrouble to rollback, please download the following plugin and activate it,

    then go to the plugins , then you will see rollback option in each plugin. select the contact form 7 and rollback to 5.3 version. after the rollback deactivate the plugin

    Had the same issues. Rolled back to 5.3.2. Now it works again.

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    Thanks guys! I rolled back to 5.3.2 and it is working again!!

    Apache SpamAssassin broke mine and the same day I updated to latest WordPress Version (5.7). Perhaps latest WP changed the way it sends via wp_mail(). I haven’t confirmed (would need to downgrade back to previous WP version) but turning off “Scan outgoing messages for spam and reject based on the Apache SpamAssassin™ internal spam_score setting” resolved my Contact Form 7 sending. NOTE: I think it’s latest WordPress update (5.7) that broke it because my other plugins that use wp_mail() also stopped sending emails properly as well. Performing the above with SpamAssassin fixed those as well.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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