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  • Hello. Contact Form 7 has the option to add “check boxes”. Each text box rests next to the corresponding text. The problem is that one of my checkboxes is seperating itself from it’s text. You can see what i mean if you check out the “hire me” page of my website: derekkimballDOTcom.

    Notice how the checkbox for “image editing” is not staying on the same line as the text. This looks very bad and just doesn’t make since. No matter how I change the length of the texts, it still wants to seperate itself. This is a very bad look in my opinion. If anyone has a solution, could you please just contact me through my website if possible. Thanks a bunch.

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  • Update to my question: The check boxes are appearing properly in internet explorer. It’s firefox that the checkbox is showing on a different line than it’s corresponding text.

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