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Contact Form 7 Date Field

  • It’s probably something obvious I’m missing but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add a simple date field. I’ve read the documentation, FAQ’s, this forum and searched the web. The more I search and read the more confused and frustrated I become.

    Could someone please just provide me the short code for someone to enter their birth date. I don’t care about min/max or really what format it’s in, I’ve tried them all with no success.

    Thank you in advance for your help and patience.



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  • Just use something like

    [date* dob id:dobpicker placeholder "yyyy-mm-dd"]

    and label the field so that it’s obvious that the field only accepts input in “yyyy-mm-dd” format (unless you’re using the datepicker to manually select the date, which wouldn’t make sense since you’d have to go way back in time to retrieve the year…plus, the datepicker only works in certain browsers anyways)

    Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry to get back so late.

    I tried it and it came up with the same problem. How do I turn off date picker? I think that’s the problem.

    Contact Form 7 has some Datepicker support via the new HTML5 date input type (see http://contactform7.com/date-field/) but this is currently only supported on some browsers – see http://www.wufoo.com/html5/types/4-date.html

    Text field may your best option at this stage – just use [text* dob]

    I wasn’t sure if I should create my own thread for this, but since the thread is titled ‘Date field’ I was wondering if others are having issues making the ‘date’ field required?

    Still testing this but it seems that even if a value is selected for this field (when required with a *), CF7’s verification still appears to think it is empty.




    Hi there,
    I want to add send Time in the mail function that will display in mail body. We can add date and Day, but I am not able to find send time in mail body.

    Please Help me regarding this…

    I don’t think you can use time natively with CF7, but you could use an existing jQuery time picker (try this: http://www.jquery4u.com/plugins/10-jquery-time-picker-plugins/) in conjunction with the jQuery.UI Widgets plugin here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-ui-widgets/ – I currently use this setup to run external jQuery scripts through my CF7 forms and it works great.

    Hi, friends
    I have an “Employment Site” and I want that the “Employers” and “Employees” write their information in different forms with login the site and can edit it later.
    and the two groups can search (advanced search) the information of other group for own needs from site(without access the WORDPRESS ADMIN).
    Can I use CONTACT FORM 7 for this purpose?
    Do you know any other plugin? or script?

    @rezaee415 Try a permission/access level plugin like one of these: http://winkpress.com/membership-plugin/feature-membership-levels/

    Then just make your CF7 forms only accessible to specific users within each role/group.

    excuse me
    Can users edit data in the CF7 later?
    Is the data(information) related to user’s profile?
    Or should I use from form maker plugins?



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    @rezaee415 – please start your own thread per the forum guidelines –

    Your question is not the same as this thread.



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    @rezaee415: Stop posting here!

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