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  • Hi –

    I uploaded the Contact Form 7 Plug-in to my blog, and unzipped and activated it, then followed the instructions to generate the code for all of the form fields. I had used Contact Form 7 successfully on another blog. Once I got all of the form fields generated, I copied and pasted this code into a post on my Contact Form page. It said you could put it into a post, text widget, etc.

    Here is the code with the generated numbers for each field:

    <p>Your Name (required)
    [text* text-815 50/ id:name] </p>

    <p>Your Email (required)
    [email* email-183] </p>

    [text text-441] </p>

    <p>Your Message
    [textarea textarea-81]</p>

    [captchac captcha-132 bg:#FFFFFF size:m]
    [captchar captcha-132]
    <p>[submit “Send”]</p>

    I also uploaded and activated the Really Simply Captcha. Then I got a message that said it would not work unless I had GD and FreeType libraries installed on my server. I guess this is a question for my hosting company, but my most important question here is why the generated code when copied and pasted into a post, does not show up as a “form” on the page? It just shows up as the code. Did I miss something when I created the code? Should I put it someplace else?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I can’t use the Contact 7 Form, if so, does anyone have a recommendation for another WP contact form?

    thank you in advance!

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  • I since partially found out what the problem was. I was copying the wrong code – I just needed one line of code to insert into the page, which was generated at the top of the Contact Form generator Settings page.

    However, I still have an issue with this working because the Really Simple Captcha requires that GD and Free Style libraries be installed on my server. Since they aren’t I don’t know if I can get this Form to work, unless I call my hosting company to see if they can do something about that.

    You can install the Akismet plugin to prevent spam contacts and comments, or if you already have it you don’t really need simple captcha.

    Thanks, but…

    I wanted to use the Contact 7 form, and I can’t get the form to work without the Captcha, so it is useless unless the Captcha thing can work. I will probably have to find another contact form, or call my hosting company to see if they can install those missing library things. The thing is, I don’t know for sure what the GD and FreeType libraries are, or where you would get those. I assumed they would be provided by the hosting company, or if not, then I guess you can’t use them, but thanks for the Aksimet tip. I need to register and get a number for that.

    Ask your hosting company to make GD and FreeType available on your site. They must know them.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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