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  • Is there any solution yet?

    Try the solution in this post:

    Seems like it still works as of WordPress 3.9.1.

    This was causing any plugins below “Contact Form 7” to not load visibly in my Dashboard/Plugins section so I had to remove it from all of my forms and delete it via FTP.

    Is there another solution? I’d be surprised that there isn’t.

    We’re also trying to get it to work with no luck 🙁

    I am really interested i this also. It seems as though this has suddenly stopped working. Does anyone know when this happened, and why? ALso, has there been any fixx for this issue. I have attempted all of the suggested fixes:

    • changing the subsubsub code
    • refreshing the plugin folder
    • seleting and re-uploading the plugin

    I can view the Campaign Monitor pane within the contact forms, however, any plugins after contact form 7 on my plugins page are disappeared as soon ass I activate the campaign monitor add on

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey thebuke,

    Same thing happened to me. You need to remove the CF7-CM plugin via FTP then all will be revealed.

    From Campaign Monitor:

    “I asked around the office, and unfortunately none of us aware of any add-ons to use with CF7 plugin. Unfortunately it sounds like you might want to find an alternate plugin or integration to use to connect Campaign Monitor and your WordPress sites – so sorry about that!

    I did a search and found a list of integrations between Campaign Monitor and WordPress – You can see this here:

    I’m not sure what features you’re looking to have, but you might also want to check out the other WordPress integrations we have listed on our site:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes I had noticed that. In fact I can have the plugin added, but not activated, and it displays properly in wordpress. It is not until you activate it that the remaining plugins disappear.

    If I provide the hacks listed on other forums, I can even get the Campaign Monitor to display properly on the contact form. I have then populated the Campaign Monitor setup, added the API key, Client ID and List ID – all of which I have tested and they are correct,=. When I sign up, there is nothing getting to Campaign Monitor.

    Does anyone have any clue when this happened? Or why it happened? Is it due to versions of WordPress, ContactForm 7 plugin or version of the Campaign Monitor add on?

    Has anyone else had this problem, and then chose another method connect to Campaign Monitor?

    Hi guys,

    It seems like this could be that the plugin hasn’t taken into account the latest changes to Contact Form 7.

    I’ve worked around this by just putting Campaign Monitor’s HTML code straight into the page I wanted to use it in. Of course, this then means that the form isn’t e-mailed like CF7 would, but at least it gets into Campaign Monitor…


    Does that mean that if we rollback the Contact Form 7 to a previous version it would work OK again? If so, do you know which version we would need? Just to confirm, what versions are you using that doesn’t work? I am using the following versions:

    WordPress v 3.9.1
    Contact Form 7 v 3.9.1
    Campaign Monitor Add On v 1.0.6

    Would a previous version of Contact Form 7 work on our version of Worpress? I am asking because I noticed it has the same version umber.

    Use Ninja Forms + their Campaign Monitor addon . . . works a treat . . .

    @thebuke, the same version number with WP & CF7 is just a co-incidence. However, there were major changes in CF7 version 3.9 which other CF7 modules had to update for, so my guess would be that is what’s broken it.

    If you roll back to a version of CF7 prior to 3.9, I would think it might work again!

    Great news… Thanks tdmalone!

    I rolled back to ContactForm 7 3.8.1 and everything is working correctly!


    Hi guys, I managed to fix the plugin disappearing issue, that was due to wpcf7_admin_url being depreciated so replaced it with admin_url on around line 274 of cf7-campaignmonitor.php…. that fixed the plugins disappearing but it still doesn’t add in the email to campaign monitor, really need to get this resolved so if you find a solution (other than rolling back to an old version, please let me know)

    Hi guys, I’ve rolled back to ContactForm 7 3.8.1 however things aren’t working perfectly since the big WordPress autoupdate to Version 3.9.2 a couple of weeks ago.

    With version 3.8.1 the forms will send, however the user gets a spinning cog and no success message so they’re sending multiple times.
    Their email address is successfully added to Campaign Monitor, however extra fields (birthday) that had previously been working are not successfully added.

    If anyone has a fix for this I’d love to know!

    wpcf7_admin_url is deprecated
    edit the file calling this function and replace the function to admin_url

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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