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    Since the last wordpress update contact form 7 has completely stopped working. Please advise. No emails are delivered. I’m going to test another plugin but this occurred at the same time on 2 different sites with contact form 7

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  • Exactly the same issue here.
    Disappointing, since I had just placed CF7 on my trusted list for auto-updates.

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    Well I’ve found on 2 different web hosts now so I’ve gone through a few things.

    -checked multiple sites using contact form 7 and wp forms
    -no sites are sending emails
    -but smtp plugin diagnostics is successful
    -research is showing that this has been an ongoing issue for a long time with wp

    Today hopefully i’ll test 2 additional plugins to have the mail handled differently, but i’m still looking for a solution to fix WordPress and not have to go through insane amount of plugins and configs to get a simple feature to work. This is a major design flaw on wordpress’s fault. Even themes that had forms built in aren’t working.

    I’ll really have to step up my developer and coding skills. I may start moving away from wordpress as i’m finding way too many flaws.

    Hi, I’m having a problem with spam. Whatever I configure it always says it is spam and the email wont get to users.

    the post to this url:

    {into: “#wpcf7-f24-p2-o3”, status: “spam”,…}
    “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”

    Is is after the upgrade or it never worked?


    The plugin is working for me on many different websites and several different servers. I get dozens emails throughout each day from several sites where I use Contact Form 7.

    ​Though the plugin successfully sends millions of emails every day, there are a host of issues that can stop or delay emails on both the sending and receiving ends. It depends entirely on your local Server & WordPress configuration. You will need to investigate this issue for your particular local configuration.

    See If You Have Email Problems. Most people that work through this information are able to solve their email sending & receiving issues.

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    Wow, what an insight.

    Just FYI, the ONLY thing that changed from successful CF7 email sends to NOT WORKING, in my situation was an update of CF7 to 5.0

    So this clearly means that the plugin CF7 has caused the issue.
    I understand fully that every installation has its own unique parameters, any of which can affect any plugin’s performance, but when a plugin goes from working to not working after an update of just that plugin, then there is a problem – which is what these support forums are for.

    Working through these issues is as time consuming for those using the plugin, as it may be for the plugin author – however, the plugin author knows exactly what they changed in the update – and therefore should have a better insight into what conflicts may be happening that the users (who in most instances are not expert coders, hence their use of the said plugin) are experiencing.

    Some support would be appreciated !

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    I found my issue. I’m using Site5 as my host and it looks like all of there servers can’t send out email. I have over a dozen sites with shared a dedicated servers and none of the email is working. So it’s not the plugin. When I went to an smtp plugin to test I used my gmail account to test with and it works. When I used my domain email it didn’t work. I then checked all of my accounts webmail status i couldn’t send out email and had a ton of failed delivery notices and queued notices.

    Anyone else having contact form 7 problems, would you happen to be using site 5 as well? Sadly the support is awful ever since they updated platforms and it’s been 3 days with no resolution since i opened a ticket.

    Rollback to version 4.7, if you are experiencing problems.

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