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    I have a shared web hosting account on a Windows Server at Godaddy, and use with no authentication on port 25. This was the only configuration that I found to work on Godaddy because I use a an email account that is hosted on Godaddy. The FROM email configured on both WP-mail-SMTP and CF7 must be identical, and there can be no other SMTP mail configuration plug-in installed. This configuration worked fine for about a year, but then suddenly after upgrading from CF7 2.4.1 to CF7 2.4.3, everything stopped working, even though the test tool on WP-mail-SMTP still worked.

    I tore my hair out trying to figure it out. I still have no explanation, and Godaddy support pretty much told me I was on my own because WordPress is not their product.

    So after scouring countless forums, I found a link to a very old version of CF7 (1.9.5), so I decided to uninstall CF7 2.4.3 and install CF7 1.9.5. That didn’t appear to work, so I re-installed CF7 2.4.3 and to my pleasant surprise, CF7 worked again. I thought at first it was the act of uninstalling CF7 2.4.3 and reinstalling CF7 2.4.3 that did the trick, but after experimentation I found that it was actually the installation of CF7 1.9.5 prior to the re-installation of CF7 2.4.3 that did the trick. It made no sense, but I think there’s something about installing 1.9.5 that configured something on my WordPress installation that makes WP-mail-SMTP work again. Here is the link to CF7 1.9.5:

    Hopefully that will help some of you who had it working, then suddenly stopped for no reason after the upgrade. For me, just uninstalling and re-installing CF7 2.4.3 wasn’t good enough. I had to install and uninstall CF7 1.9.5 first. Weird, but works for me.

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  • While the above didn’t work for me, it did give me hope. I finally found the two-step process that worked for me here (for Go Daddy – additional email provider tips are in the comments):

    1) Configuring WP-Mail-SMTP:
    2) Configuring Contact Form 7:

    IMPORTANT: You will need to use an SMTP plug in for Contact Form 7; I went with WP-Mail-SMTP, as the blogger did. Followed it to the letter and finally got contact form to work.

    In the meantime, I also installed the contact form 7 db plugin, which captures all submissions to the db and has a data interface to view them, so you won’t miss out on any submissions while you try to get contact form to work.

    Awesome, thanks for posting this guys. I’m the plugin author and it’s great to see people posting solutions. 🙂

    Love & joy – Callum.

    I followed the settings in the two links from mitcha to a T and I still get the red box and error.

    I get the test message to work fine.. Then I try the form and it says it went through but I never receive anything..

    Can someone post a screenshot of everything in the Contact Form 7.. I think that’s where I’m lost.. The articles are a bit confusing on it.

    I have never had a problem with contact form 7, on godaddy installation

    There aren’t many settings, mine are set up as:

    my actual email address
    [your-name] <[your-email]>

    That’s it…. on the left. On the right I have:

    From: [your-name] <[your-email]>
    Reason: [checkbox-539]
    Subject: [your-subject]
    Website: [website]
    Message Body:
    A message from VoodooPress Contact Form

    And that was really it….

    As for godaddy mail, why would anyone ever use it? Don’t they charge for it? Either way, I highly recommend using google apps

    If you have a domain, you can configure google apps to run email using your domains. It’s all free.

    I’ve heard that godaddy doesn’t allow google apps to work..

    I believe GoDaddy block outgoing SMTP traffic and require you to use their SMTP server, which I believe is on port 25 with no authentication, but I could be wrong.

    Love & joy – Callum.


    Thanks to all your inputs, I’m able to configure the Contact Form 7 and WP-mail-SMTP plugin on Godaddy…

    BUT funny thing I noticed:

    I tried to change the “FROM” field in the Mail settings as below to a static string value so that I could filter it to a folder once it gets to my inbox:

    From: Random static string
    Subject: [your-subject]
    Website: [website]

    But once I saved and tested the Contact Form, I get the error:

    “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

    I changed the FROM field back and it works just fine.

    From: [your-name] <[your-email]>

    I changed the FROM value again and I get the same error, and changed it back to find it works perfectly OK! I did it twice and got same results.. not sure if its a configuration issue on my end.
    Anyway, I worked around the issue by changing the SUBJECT field to a random string and the Contact Form works just fine.

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