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  • Hi! I’m having a problem making the contact form work:

    When i click “send”, it doesnt send anything. It just shows the “ajax-loader.gif” image and stop there.

    I already tried to use the default theme and deactivate the other plugins – still don’t work. Help please?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Any chance of seeing the form ‘in-action’? I’m using 1.7.8 with a 2.6 installation with no problems.

    I think the problem’s with the permitions (i was also not able to add categories until I added a .htaccess to the wp-admin folder). not sure though.

    there’s not much “action”, you just click send, the ajax-loader shows next to the send button, and thats it, it stays like that forever – caption: HERE

    It’s easier to see if there are any errors that can be picked up from the user side 🙂

    I know someone who was also having this same problem and we had to switch to another plugin so he could have his form. Does 1.8 fix this, or do we need to change something with the .htaccess files?

    I have to admit my testing is restricted (at the moment) to FF2 and IE6/7 (haven’t got round to installing FF3 yet) so was this a browser-related issue?

    This is the news post about 1.8, which details the changes:
    Contact Form 7 1.8

    We diognosed the thing as a caching issue. Quite strange, but we got it fixed.

    Thanks for posting,

    @jd: Thanks for the feedback 🙂 at least others will have a lead to follow if they see this thread!

    I was having the same problem as lili4n4 describes in initial post.

    I normally use Fire Fox 3.0.1 for linux, however the forms were not sending, just sitting there with the spinning arrow image.
    So I have tested in Konqueror (KDE browser) and IE6 (for linux). Both these 2 browsers work fine.

    I have also had someone test using FF3.0.1 for windoze and that also fails to send form with same symptoms.

    Based on these tests this looks to me to be a browser compatibility issue.
    You can test it for yourselves on this site:

    Site is in spanish, but the form is pretty obvious.

    I am using version of the plugin

    Hope this helps iron out any problems, thanks for a great plugin !!

    pompeyboy, you should check the page with HTML validator. In my past experience of supporting, in most cases, this kind of problem (“browser A works but browser B fails”) are caused by invalid HTML.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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