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    The plugin gives the ability to create a contact form including a file upload field. I am using the newest version of the plugin and the newest WP as well. I want to add a file upload for image and another for audio file upload. I tested and the files are too large so the error response says it can’t complete the upload. I changed the parameters to allow 10 meg upload files still no solution. How can I overcome this issue and successfully upload image and audio files up to ten meg each.

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  • Someone has posted in wordpress. (2) people who I guess are commentors and this make me upset. The latest is – JacquieMoffitt -Examining Rudimentary Details In wifi.

    Please tell me what to do and how someone is getting into my site. I have Norton Protection. I ran a full scan yesterday after the first post. What is going on?

    HELP and thank you!

    TO THE COMMENTATORS — who is that moron Itodd? I am attempting a serious response to my issue. Get that moron Itodd to stop posting under my serious post.

    I am not a moron, thank you. I just happened to be in the wrong platform.

    Excuse me please and try being a little civil if you will?????

    I agree! You are on the wrong platform, and likely you are on the wrong planet as well.

    As I understand your written words, you believe, or at least you suspect that one or more of the Word Press Moderators broke into your website through your WIFI connection, and you are angry because those WP moderators are purportedly posting unauthorized content on your Word Press website?

    Your posted comments above lead me to believe you are suffering some type of undiagnosed, and perhaps delusional flight of thought. Regardless of which forum you meant to post your idiotic comments, apparently you meant to write, and intended to say or at least suggest Word Press Moderator(s) are sabotaging you.

    I believe you should keep your idiotic theories (against the Word Press Moderators) to yourself, and I suggest you seek professional help from a medical practitioner to assist you deal more effectively with that wacky thought process occurring in your head.

    Best of luck.

    Moderator bcworkz


    @ltodd, please start your own topic to get personalized help. It is considered rude in these forums to tag onto other’s topics. While lastonestanding’s reaction was extreme and unnecessary, the anger behind it is understandable, albeit way out of proportion for the situation.

    @lastonestanding, do you understand that vehement outbursts to innocent errors does not encourage anyone to want to try to help you? I’m likely the only crazy one not put off by angry outbursts since I do understand where you’re coming from. You will need to turn it down significantly or you will find yourself completely ignored.

    There are many reasons why an upload can fail. Your best resource for accurate help with CF7 is the plugin’s support forum:

    It will be helpful if you provide the form shortcode you used for the file upload and the exact error message you received.

    I apologized…I was not accusing anyone of anything; I just needed help.

    I got help somewhere else.

    Thank you and sorry again for the inconvenience.

    What more can I say?

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