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  • Hello,

    I recently installed contact form 2 on my home websever so i can create a “contact” page. Installation worked perfect and without a problem (nice!). However, it seems the form won’t send e-mails to me. I use linux (trustix 2.2) on my server with postfix. I verified that i can send an e-mail using the server with a regular mail-client. This is what i get to see, after clicking the “send message” button (in the server’s logs, proof of the mail at least getting to the server):

    Aug 13 18:08:21 greenleaf postfix/pickup[18509]: 6011B27052: uid=109 from=<httpd>
    Aug 13 18:08:21 greenleaf postfix/cleanup[18770]: 6011B27052: message-id=<>
    Aug 13 18:08:21 greenleaf postfix/cleanup[18770]: 6011B27052: to=<unknown>, relay=none, delay=1, status=bounced (No recipients specified)
    Aug 13 18:08:21 greenleaf postfix/cleanup[18774]: C213027054: message-id=<>
    Aug 13 18:08:21 greenleaf postfix/qmgr[18510]: C213027054: from=<>, size=2092, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    Aug 13 18:08:22 greenleaf postfix/local[18775]: C213027054: to=<>, relay=local, delay=1, status=bounced (maildir delivery failed: create /no/dir/Maildir/tmp/1155485301.P18775.greenleaf: Permission denied)
    Aug 13 18:08:22 greenleaf postfix/qmgr[18510]: C213027054: removed

    I have compared this to the output of a succesfully sent message and have the impression that the problem is the “from=<>”. In succesfully sent messages a “from” address is listed. The plugin uses the admin’s e-mail-adress as the “from” adsress, but this does not appear to work (?). Has anybody any idea what i can try to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance,
    Rolf Deenen

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