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  • Hi everyone

    If I had a UI that allowed me to enter data which would probably consist of some HTML/plain text that was stored in MS SQL Server – would I be able to pubslish this data from MS SQL Server in a particular format and have WordPress/mySQL consume this information? then either publish it dynamically on my site where the WordPress installation is located or set it to draft mode and publish manually?

    Is there a plugin that would allow me to match fields in the DB to data in an XML file for example?

    I want to use WordPress to publish content that’s already been populated elsewhere in another system, I can output that content no problem, how ever I just need to understand whether I can get WordPress to do the rest for me.

    I’d be matching the post title, post body and categories.

    Hope this makese sense and that someone can help or point me in the right direction.

    Thanks Mark

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