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  • christillis


    Sorry about this, I did search first but no joy!

    I have a Constructor theme that I’ve mod’d and it’s time for an update (1.5.10 to 1.6.2.). There’s an option to ‘save theme’ which I assumed was used before an update and then there would be a ‘restore theme settings’, but I can’t find it.

    Can anyone help?



    PS It is a great theme!

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  • comrav


    It’s a function of the theme that I haven’t had much luck with.

    Entering all of your custom CSS in the CSS window provided within the Customize panel will save some work after theme updates.

    If you really want to avoid re-writing significant portions of your site with every theme update, though, research WordPress Child Themes. They’re a bit more difficult to write than basic HTML and CSS but worth it in the long run.

    in version 1.6 I had to change the save way (for updated the rules repository)

    in version 1.6, all your changes are saved in the folder /wp-uploads/constructor/, this directory is preserved when upgrading

    create child-theme is very true

    what is the best way of updating the constructor theme without losing all of my current formatting? what would happen if i updated without creating a child theme.

    i do not know how to create a child theme.

    Hi Comrav, Thank you so much for responding, very much appreciated. I’ll certainly look into Child Themes…although I’ll need real inner strength to load another language into my brain 🙂

    Thanks for confirming Anton, very much appreciated. I did (and always do) a full file and MySQL backup before every update, so I’ll have a copy of that folder, just in case. Thanks for confirming.

    Bikerdad – I’m sure you can google ‘child theme’ for more info.

    If you have ‘tweaked’ the code of your website or changed default images, footer text, etc., it may be gone after an update. But never fear – just ensure you do a full backup of your files (via FTP) and a MySQL backup (via your hosting Cpanel) before doing the update. Then just view your website, check for changes and correct them. Best of luck!

    Hi Anton,

    I wish to upgrade to the latest version. I have saved my theme into the folder you mention above.

    When I upgrade will my saved theme appear with the other constructor themes, and will I DEFINITELY be able to restore it?

    I am worried about losing my customisations!



Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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