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  • My blogs is

    I recently switched to WordPress from blogger. I’ve used the constructor theme. I want to add a top menu to my blog like the one you see at Under >>appearance>> Widgets I found a menu as ‘Top Menu’ but when I add something nothing appears. Can someone please help me. There are more changes that I want to make to the blog, I will need more help further.

    Thank You for your answers!!


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  • It looks like you need to register your menu check this link

    if you have a lot of changes to your theme and you are not very good with coding probably it will be good if you add it as a project under you can find good help for cheap.

    Open “Appearance > Menu” and edit menu

    It doesn’t show up. I created a Menu and I added my Pages to it and one custom link and Saved it. I couldn’t find it on my homepage. Whats wrong? Under widget I have a Top Menu section, I also tried adding the Custom Menu to the ‘Top Menu’ section, it still didn’t appeared.

    I am not able to add the top navigation. Is it a problem with Constructor? I tried Menu but it doesn’t appear on the top but when I add the same custom menu under the side bar it works. Someone plz answer.

    Hello everybody.

    Just typing in two languages, that knows, that developer of the theme – is russian guy =)

    доброго времени суток
    Начал использовать тему, изменял “настройки” через админ панель(двигал блоки, шаблоны страниц и т.п.) после внесения базовых изменений в шаблон – начал править непосредственно CSS через FTP.

    Обнаружил что создается 2-й CSS Файл (wp-content/uploads/constructor/каче/style.css), и там записываются стили которые мы поменяли через админ панель WP (настройки темы),
    И здесь появилась проблема.
    Если сделать изменения по FTP непосредственно в css и потом вернутся в “настройки темы” и там просто поменять любое значение и нажать “сохранить” – автоматически в CSS загружаются все старые параметры, которые были до правок “руками” по FTP

    Тоесть получается что пользоваться настройками темы после правок CSS вручную – больше нельзя.

    Как я вижу решение данной проблемы. Просто сделать чтобы “настройки темы” сохраняли стили в css и каждый раз, когда загружается страница “настройки темы” – просто парсить CSS файл который лежит в wp-content/uploads/constructor/каче/style.css

    Good day
    Began to use the theme, changed the “settings” via the admin panel (moved blocks, templates, pages, etc.) after making basic changes in the pattern – was ruled directly CSS via FTP.

    Found that created the 2nd CSS file (wp-content/uploads/constructor/kache/style.css), and there are recorded styles that we have changed through the admin panel WP (theme settings)
    And there is a problem.
    If you make changes by FTP directly to the css and then return to the “Theme Settings” and there just to change any value and press “save” – ​​the CSS automatically downloads all the old settings that were before revisions “by hand” via FTP

    Ie it turns out that to use the settings after the theme CSS edits by hand – no longer.

    As I see the solution to this problem. Just do that “theme settings” in the css styles kept and every time page loads ‘theme settings’ – just parse the CSS file that is in wp-content/uploads/constructor/kache/style.css

    thnx for help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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