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  • Hi all-

    I just wanted to share my site with ya’ll. I would love to hear how you could improve the site/contents/etc.

    As always, constructive criticism is always welcome 😀

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Oh by the way, feel free to leave me comments in the guestbook as it allows others to see what others are looking for in a site.

    I moved from a static site to this more dynamic approach via blog entries and galleries.

    The site is

    nice site but scroling down its not that impressive to be honest

    What do you mean by scrolling? Doesn’t it do that be default as with most pages? Thanks!

    I like the bar that comes out on the left side, with the twitter update and the login box? I thought it looked nice. 🙂

    Thanks TheMero. I actually had to change that because it didn’t scroll so I had to make it as small as possible.

    i like it, but to me, everything was too big, the header too.

    nice. a bit too slow to load though. make your posts compressed like show and excerpt with a read more link. 🙂

    thanks for the input guys.

    @kim: it’s a photography site so the images have to be large so that people can see the quality of the images. i’ve been trying to find a suitable album i can use on wordpress but i haven’t found one yet.

    @distinctnews: yeah i tried the excerpt before but people commented that it looked like a regular blog and it made them uninterested in the content. I suppose one can’t satisfy everyone 😀

    great comments though. i would love to hear more of what you think. it allows me to tailor the site so the UI is easy and efficient. thanks ya’ll!


    I think it looks great. No problems loading for me at all, and being a photography blog, you want to have large pictures as they will always say more than the text. Fantastic!

    I LOVE it! The hugeness of it is what really sets it apart and makes it memorable. Great job!

    @xlindsaywx and simplymother: It’s good to know that there are no loading problems. Yeah I tried the small images but they wouldn’t really show much detail. Thank you.

    I also have a blog for blogging and technology. It just started two months back. I don’t have much readers. But I expect you guys come on this and write your words. How can I improve?
    My blog address is as Abhishek Tech Blog I have one more blog on blogger for hindi comics and that was started 10 months back and its doing good have a look Hindi raj comics collection

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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