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  • Hello everyone, Richard here asking for some help with some adjustments on our new family business website. My mother and I have recently opened a retail business together. Its starting to take off almost everything is in place. I am in charge of the web design and everything that goes with maintaining a functional website. I am overloading my brain with as much tutorials and articles i can find. To tell the truth it is a little overwhealming, but I enjoy doing it so far. All of our friends and customers say the site looks great but most of them dont know what goes on in wp. Ok i may ramble so heres the site adress to take a look and see what you think: hope the link works told you im new dont know much yet, actually first time i asked for help and been amember for 3 yrs. now. My second site. Using WP..

    Ok here goes i use the CUSTOMIZR theme, Mom loves the layout so far. For our store we use the WOOCOMMERCE plugin, we like the features and how it keeps records of everything but i have hard time customizeing my product pages dont entirely understand the css files yet. but im learning. My problem at the moment that mom needs fixed is the images of all products are super large and blurry now, I cant find where to change the size i looked up and down the css file. In my FILE MNG. in my controll panel. oh yah my host iPage. I know not the best but we were limited on funds. If i can get some help with this fix it would be much abliged.

    Also if anyone is interested in coaching me along or just flat out helping. I am looking for someone who is flexible with price or willing to trade advice and knowledge for space on our site. I been seeing that it cost money to put your ads on high traffic sites. If i get this site to fuction with a formum section and make it interactive I and my mom am going to have no problem bringing tons of traffic to the site. We have lots of people following us and some big companies refering us to there customers. Like i said in the beginning everything is starting to fall in motion. Which is starting to stess me out, im spending most of my time trying to find the right tutorials to teach me but theres so much i think i just need pointed in the right direction. I have a BA in Electronical Engineering so I aint stupid just a little slower at learning the older i get LOL.

    Was thinking to go with Buddy Press for the Forum pages Does that sound like the right directiion? I dont know how much or what im allowed to ask for yet so i will leave it at that. And i thank you for any responses. Looking forward to interact with the community.

    Thx, Richard Lopez (CBD INFUSIONS)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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