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  • Goldendust20


    I have a dozen different websites that I used to use this plugin on…but I get CONTINUOUS complaints from clients that their website is down and all they see is a white screen.

    One of my clients has the premium version of this plugin, and the second they activated it – white screen.

    Randomly, another time it started locking everyone out from the /wp-admin/ page with a DEFAULT install.

    Because we had premium service we were informed that deleting the plugin and reinstalling would fix it – but we went days without the plugin activated so they could find a fix…which kind of defeats the purpose of a “security” plugin.

    Honestly, I think the intention is good here, but this program has been so consistently buggy for us that we simply cannot use it anymore.

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  • Plugin Author WFSupport


    We’re certainly sorry you had this experience.

    I can’t see the ticket you have in the premium system because you haven’t posted anything here for me to find it. I’d be happy to look and explain if you want to add that later. I did, however, find this post in the free forums in which we responded within a day of the post being placed there :

    As to the whitescreen error you mentioned, you said this:
    First, the plugin took the site down. An update by the authors fixed this (but yikes, white page for days if the plugin was enabled)
    I believe I answered you there mentioning two specific problems that could be the issue but you were a little vague as to how it got fixed and never got back to us.

    I also explained why your users got probably locked out after the activation. I told you that it looked like Wordfence wasn’t seeing the correct IPs of visitors. This can happen if you are behind a proxy like Cloudflare, etc. One setting (How Wordfence gets its IPs) is all that needs to change to address that.

    As to your last comment that you are upset about because we had to find a fix for your unique problem, I understand that it was a frustrating to have to wait. Unfortunately, no plugin can anticipate every single hosting situation, every different configuration, every possible combination of plugins, etc. Sometimes we have to do some digging to figure out what in your situation went wrong, though we do try our best to test on as many hosting platforms and different configurations as possible. It appears in this case your site and situation was one that we clearly did not. But the time you had to wait for an answer was likely spent researching your problem, working with members of our dev and qa teams, and testing on our aforementioned servers to find an answer for you. No matter that it seemed to you like we were doing nothing, your case was being actively worked.

    Regardless, we do wish you well in whatever security product you choose going forward. Make sure, if you haven’t already, to reach out to us at so we can process a refund for your client that cannot use it.


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