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  • I have All in One Event Calendar installed, but I have noticed that it seems unable to correctly save the date and/or time. I will create an event, [Publish] it and then when I view it, realise it is at completely the wrong place in the calendar (usually today, rather than the date I set, and at an arbitrary number of minutes past a random hour).

    Has anyone else come across this bug? I can’t quite believe that a plugin that has the sole purpose of being a calendar could be as popular as it is with such a basic flaw, but I also don’t know what I could have done wrong. I 1-click installed the WordPress, created a child theme of twentythirteen and installed this plugin. I have since uninstalled Ai1EC and reinstalled it, but still have this bug.

    Deeper investigation suggests that if I only change one of the times or dates at a time, it saves, but if I try to change the date and time simultaneously, then it fails.

    Any ideas welcomed!


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  • That is strange. I am not a fan of 1-click installs, and would not be surprised to hear such an install was responsible for any problem, though I can’t see how that would be the case here.

    What version of Ai1EC are you using? If you’re using the Lite version, or not using the most current Standard version, I’d try updating manually to the current Standard version following these instructions. It seems to be less problematic.

    Have you correctly set the date format in WordPress’ General Settings and in Events -> Settings -> Adding/Editing Events?

    The other thing I’d do is look for javascript errors when you use the calendar/time pop-ups to create a new event and confirm that the values you think you selected are accurately reflected in the text box. You can use Firebug or Firefox’s built-in developer tools to do that.

    The other thing I would wonder about is whether the actual field types in the database table were correctly created. If you use phpMyAdmin or the like to look at the table <your WP datatable prefix>_ai1ec_events, the start and end fields should be of type “datetime.” Take a look at the values in the fields for some events you’ve added that are incorrect and see what values are in there. That may help you identify where the problem is coming from.

    The last thing, and I’m just throwing out ideas here, is whether your server is having time issues of some kind.

    Thanks for the pointers. I’ll do a bit of debugging along these lines and let you know how I get on 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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