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  • Upon intial install, if you go to the settings section, no matter what you click you will be redirected to the General settings where you must uncheck getting emailed and sending them telemetry. Then after dismissing that you are greeted with a second popup asking you to enable beta mode, which isn’t recommended, but is in a big green button making it sound safe. I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve worked on where the Anonymous telemetry is auto-checked and no one knows how or that it was even done.

    Then after you are finally allowed to navigate the plugin, you are greeted with a banner notification ad for Swarmify. I guess W3 bought Swarmify so they auto installed and auto-enabled so you can see their ads. If you go to the Extensions page in W3, you’ll see three extensions auto enabled. New Relic, Swarmify, and Fragement Cache. But you can’t even use Fragment Cache without paying for the premium version of W3, Swarmify nags you, New Relic just sits there doing who knows what.

    I get that this is all a business and W3 does a generally good job (which is why i didn’t 1 star this), but the nagging is incredibly annoying.

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