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  • The plugin seems to be flagging warnings with Facebook which have them constantly logging me out and then having to enter my new session ID.

    This seems to happen at least once a day and is a massive frustration. Is there anything that can be done (either on the plugin or Facebook end) that can whitelist the API to prevent this?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Same problem here. Im using NextScripts API(Beta) >
    with the Facebook User ID (c_user) and Session ID (xs):

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    Yes. This is happening with me also, and it is INCREDIBLY annoying. It’s basically turning off auto-posting all together, making this plugin useless. I am using Facebook User ID & Session ID in an Incognito Chrome window every time, and never logging back into that account, nor logging out.

    I have the same problem here, its impossible.

    Any solution?

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    Yup, I’m using the NextScripts API (Beta) as well.

    It’s obviously a recent change to something Facebook is doing. My server and it’s IP are based in the same city and country I am.

    Feedback from Nextscripts suggests that it should only happen a few times and then it should be essentially whitelisted by Facebook but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all recently.

    Would really appreciate some help on this.

    I’m having dreadful issues with NextScripts Premium API at the moment.

    A couple of weeks ago my Facebook account started flagging suspicious activity from my server in Germany. I confirmed my account was safe etc. and then around 2 weeks ago my account was temporarily locked!

    Absolute panic stations at this point. My business was brought to its knees for a time. I tried creating ‘fake’ accounts to connect to NextScripts but within 2-4 posts those accounts were also locked and subsequently banned.

    I have now got my main account back after a week-long ‘lock’ but I am now reluctant to connect my account to NextScripts again. I can’t take the risk. This means that my news site is currently not able to auto-post to Facebook, which is a real pain!

    NextScripts say there is no issue, but clearly something has changed. My thoughts are that Facebook are cracking down on workarounds to the Facebook App/API process – which is basically what NS Premium API seems to be.

    Thankfully it seems that the app review is estimated at just 5 days now, not the 7+ weeks it was when I first decided to upgrade to the NS Premium API when all the changes came in last year.

    If this is Facebook cracking down, then it renders the Premium API useless. I just hope I can still use the plugin using Facebook’s API – should my app request be approved.

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    This is still rampantly happening for me and needs to be resolved ASAP if possible.

    Is there any update on this?

    I have now removed the Premium API and I have gone down the route of having a Facebook App reviewed and approved.

    No problems at all now since I’ve gone through the official API.

    Still using Nextscripts as the platform to post.

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    Did it take you long to get reviewed? Any particular hurdles you faced on the process?

    It says 5 days, but I was going the review feedback within 12 hours. So it is not a very long process at all now – stark contrast to the 12 weeks it was when I took out the Premium API last year!

    I had a few issues with my account, but I know what that is all about. It is quite a complex process – you have to have your business verified through documentation, then you have to explain how it all works (guide on Nextscripts website). You also have to set them up with a login and then do a screencast to show how to test it all out.

    But overall it wasn’t anything too difficult and even with having to submit 3 revisions, it was finally approved within a matter of days.

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    Oh awesome. I’ll give it a crack now. More than happy to jump through a few hoops if it solves the problem. Thanks for the info!

    I sure hope NextScripts replies to this thread… I definitely do not want to go through that extremely long process for the 25+ pages that I run… :/ None of them are actual businesses with documentation, so there goes that.

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    I have followed @darrentoogood and submitted two apps for review.

    All up the process took less than 48 hours to complete and have since had no problems. Can totally understand now wanting to this for a large number of pages though!

    Glad you’ve managed to get something sorted like I have.

    It certainly seems to me that Facebook are cracking down on NS’s Premium API, although they deny this.

    Same problem for me, but it’s 4 weeks that FB blocked my account every time SNAP autopost from my site. I pay and use Premium API, so I wrote to the SNAP support, but the answer the answer was only to change from session to username / password or vice versa. I made it, and nothing change, every time SNAP post, my account is blocked!
    What am I paying then?
    Now, I’ll try @darrentoogood solution. But I don’t understand why other services like Hootsuite can post to social without problems (but they’re not automatic, only programmed), and SNAP must use an unofficial solution with security issues… 🙁

    I have gone through the official App Review process and it has been good as gold. I’m still using SNAP but just not their Premium API.

    Safe to say I have not renewed my package. Thankfully, it was coming up for renewal so I did get at least 48 weeks worth of use out of it.

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