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  • Hi,

    Just upgraded to 2.0.6 from 1.8. We are using WP 3.9. Any navigation in the admin screens now causes WP to prompt for our FTP credentials. If we enter them then we end up on the Calendar settings screen. Note that this FTP prompt occurs everywhere within the admin area and not just on the Calendar pages. If we deactivate the Calendar then the issue goes away.

    What might be the cause of this and how do we fix?

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  • Ai1ec requires write privileges as the webserver user to the directory …../wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/cache/

    If WP can’t write to a particular directory, it will prompt you for FTP access so it can try and use that to access the files. Unfortunately Ai1ec writes a lot of files in that directory, so you will get asked a lot of times, and even then it might not work as expected.

    I would check the permissions of this directory if at all possible.

    Note: If you go to Dashboard -> Events -> Settings then go to the Advnaced tab and then select “Cache Report” from the pulldown, it should tell you if it thinks the directory is writable by the webserver user.

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    Thanks for that. For good measure I gave full public (and group) write permissions to that directory and it didn’t help. I checked the cache report and it confirms the directory is writable. Unfortunately I’m still getting prompted for FTP credentials every time any admin page is accessed.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Not attempting to hijack here; just hoping to add related details. I’m in a really similar boat. Cache report indicates the directory is writable yet get prompts for FTP credentials intermittently. (running WP 3.9 and hadn’t installed Ai1ec plugin until yesterday – fresh 2.0.6)

    Same here also. Even I made all files and folders in all in one calendar plugin writable and no change, wants ftp credentials. But I have also another problem, all links in admin menu are missing.

    same also here, 2.0.6. works not good, on backend and frontend asks everwhere for FTP login data. Terrible.

    Someone from posted a “quick work-around” here (see post #12):

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    That workaround works for me. But clearly the workaround just prevents the execution of code that is presumably required so hopefully a proper fix will be provided soon.

    Definitely, but as mentioned by Lukasp, it’s a quick work-around, not an end-to-end fix.

    I’m assuming the fix will be in the next update, but that depends just how complex the underlying issue is.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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