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  • It is my understanding that plugins are not supposed to keep constant nagging notices to upgrade to Pro or Premium running after you’ve clicked the Dismiss button. I posted the following to the Fix WordPress forum because it seems to be a bug that the WordPress Plugin Review Team missed. They said to post the problem on this forum so you can fix this very annoying problem.

    I thought that we are supposed to be able to dismiss a notice about buying premium or pro upgrades for plugins and have it never reappear. I have six websites that use the fail2ban plugin. The notice appears at the top of every wp-admin page and is very annoying. I’ve already rated it. I don’t need any of the special features in the premium version. I click the Dismiss link but the next time I log on, it is back. This happens on all my websites.

    Hey! How do you like WP fail2ban so far? Test all our awesome premium features with a 7-day free trial. No credit card required!

    I don’t need the Premium features and don’t want to test it or buy it. How can this unwanted notice at the top of every single wp-admin page be made to stay dismissed?

    I see that others have also complained about this in their reviews and posts to this forum. Please fix this.

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  • Seconded.

    Plugin Author invisnet


    Background: this is the continuation of a 2-star review submitted before asking for support.


    I accept that you can’t dismiss the notices. There’s clearly a bug somewhere. As I said before, the Freemius library is in use in millions of installations, and the notices are generated by the library.

    In other words, while I have responsibility for the overall experience, I did not personally write the code in question. I’m willing to work with you to find the cause of this, but in return I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that you give me something to work with.

    So, perhaps you could tell me a bit about your hosting environment?

    And, maybe a list of other plugins installed?

    Finally, one specific debugging task:

    • Open the Developer Tools in your browser and go to the Network tab (I think Chrome and Firefox are pretty much the same for this),
    • Click the “Dismiss” link and look at the request details (there will be a call to admin-ajax.php).
    • Copy/paste the request and response details here, making sure you leave out any site-specific details (e.g. cookies, domains).

    @invisnet I can offer some more detail :

    When I click the dismiss X button my browser makes a POST to

    with a payload of


    * action=fs_dismiss_notice_action_wp-fail2ban
    * message_id=trial_promotion

    I get a 200 response with no payload

    I then updated the WP fail2ban plugin in WordPress.

    After doing so I got a new popup from WP fail2ban and I clicked dismiss on that one

    POST to URL :
    POST Payload
    * action=fs_dismiss_notice_action_wp-fail2ban
    * message_id=connect_account

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