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  • Plugin Author Tang Rufus


    The admin notices are meant to be dismissible and only show up biweekly.

    If you can’t dismiss those admin notices, check your caching settings.
    Open a support ticket if they still stick around when no other plugins are activated.

    Plugin Author Tang Rufus


    After some more debugging, Sunny is working fine. Those admin notices are dismissible and only show up every 2 weeks.

    Why do they don’t go away?
    Your caching settings are incorrect! Possible issues:
    – DB queryies got cached
    – Object cache expire time too long
    – Cloudflare is caching wp-admin

    Uninstalling Sunny won’t resolve any of the caching issues. You still have to fix them.

    Thread Starter Alan


    Thanks for your reply.

    After some more testing I can confirm removing sunny DOES fix the problem. IE: the NAG message go away.

    There is no other way, oh and nothing is caching the admin panel. I do cache some DB queries but then again so do a lot of people.

    Sunny is the only program whos NAG messages won’t go away. Lots of plugins use them, though not every two weeks! that is a bit much. But yours are the only ones that are persistent.

    Anyway, I have fixed it now 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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