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    Would love to get this plugin working but as soon as i activate it it makes my whole webpage error before showing its content. I have put in all the details correctly (i presume) and followed the install guide, but as soon as it activates i get the following msgs on screen, some of which go down about 2 pages deep and even show if i am in the wordpress config pages not just the main websites content:

    Notice: Undefined index: std in /home/selteckc/public_html/ on line 58

    The above msg is shown at least 40 times.

    Notice: Undefined variable: icon in /home/selteckc/public_html/ on line 32

    This msg shown only once.

    Notice: Undefined variable: alt in /home/selteckc/public_html/ on line 10

    This msg is shown roughly 6 times where my slider should be, which has now gone.

    If i disable the plugin the msgs go away, but hell it scared me at first as i thought i had broken it for good !!

    Any help much appreciated.

    Squelds 🙂

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  • Update:

    Just having another scan through the website and it seems that there are errors all over the place as soon as this plugin is activated. Not just the ones listed above, but several others like my gallery is now showing:

    Notice: Undefined index: classes in /home/selteckc/public_html/ on line 323

    Notice: Undefined index: hover in /home/selteckc/public_html/ on line 322

    Will leave the website with errors/plugin activated until author has a chance to see it.

    I am having this same issue and would love to see the resolution! I am dying to get this plugin working, as I’ve had so many issues with Twitter since the API BS!


    Plugin Author badbreze


    Dont know why you have these problem, can i have the theme you use?

    I am using the Pont theme from themeforest.


    Same issue here..

    Notice: Undefined index: auto_deactive in /home/noticias/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dp-maintenance-mode-lite/functions.php on line 97
    Notice: Undefined index: auto_deactive in /home/noticias/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dp-maintenance-mode-lite/functions.php on line 99
    Notice: Undefined variable: data in /home/noticias/public_html/wp-content/themes/algarida/inc/themes-style.php on line 317

    and many others.


    Plugin Author badbreze


    I dont have any problem with this theme, you’re self hosted?

    This plugin is so close to great potential for me! I am having very similar errors:

    Notice: Undefined index: excerpt_before in /hermes/waloraweb030/b2796/moo.forestbiotechorg/treetaggrorg/wp-content/plugins/header-footer/plugin.php on line 215

    Notice: Undefined index: excerpt_after in /hermes/waloraweb030/b2796/moo.forestbiotechorg/treetaggrorg/wp-content/plugins/header-footer/plugin.php on line 216

    Using Responsive Theme at the website.

    Thanks for any assistance in getting rid of the errors!

    The error is due to:

    error_reporting(E_ALL) at the top of functions.php (I don’t have the code in front of me, but pretty sure it’s this page).

    Remove it or add // in front of it and all the errors on all the themes will stop.

    Doesn’t that turn off all error reporting? That doesn’t seem like a good solution to me. I like knowing when a plugin is causing errors.

    Plugin Author badbreze


    If you remove this line errors may not be reported, errors exists anyway so this is not a good solution i think.

    What gives you the right to override my preferences and show errors on a site? Not only does it show errors from your script but any other errors from themes and other plugins while it’s running.

    Error reporting is dangerous as it shows file paths and possible scripts installed that people can abuse, that is the reason PHP ships with error displays turned off.

    If you want to handle errors the _correct_ way, build an error handler and give me the option to display it, log it or email it, don’t just assume it’s safe to flood a production website with error reports.

    As you can see from all the errors (actually notices) above, not only does it give me detailed information of their filepaths but also what plugins and themes they are running, I can now go and look for coding errors in those plugins/themes to see if there is a security vulnerability that will allow me backend access.

    Let’s not forget that EVERY error shown above has absolutely nothing to do with this plugin, yet due to this plugin, those errors are now being shown.

    Hey, what do I know, I’ve only been programming almost 20 years.

    Plugin Author badbreze


    Thank you for helping users telling them how to hide the error log, but do not judge my work, if you want to judge, create your own plugin to import content from twitter and satisfied all the demands of the users, then we’ll talk!

    Now i’ve removed the error reporting from the plugin.

    Thank you for the quick response! Your plugin is chugging along without errors reported now.

    While spirited, I also appreciate your insight into error reporting and how it can be abused by the nefarious.

    Thank you both!

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