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  • Every time I try to log in, I’m taken back to the login page. I’ve verified my admin & password in the database, so I’m comfortable that I’m entering the correct data. Any idea what gives?

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  • Followup:
    This also happens when other users try to log in, as well.

    Double check that the siteurl value is correct in your options table.

    My settings table does NOT have anything like a siteurl entry/value. What would the correct field name & other settings be, so I can enter it manually?

    It’s in the wp_options table.

    I don’t have one of those – and I did a search for the wp_options string in all the files in the zip file I downloaded from SourceForge, too. How/when/where is it created, if I can’t find a reference to it in any of the files?
    (very confused)

    It’s a database table created during the WP install. Do you have a tool like phpMyAdmin that you can use to work directly with your database?

    I do have phpMyAdmin.
    I would have thought that if the table was created during the WP install, the wp_options string would have shown up in one of the files.
    ah, well….

    Dorsai65, which version of WordPress are you running?

    From SourceForge, I got; unzipped it into it’s own directory, then copied that to my web server’s html directory.

    Shoot. I told you wrong. Technically, the table created is not *necessarily* going to be ‘wp_options’. The ‘wp’ part is a prefix for your db tables that you can set in wp-config, although the default IS ‘wp’. So in other words, if you’d set your prefix to ‘somethingelse’, your db table would show up as ‘somethingelse_options’.
    That’s why you weren’t able to find wp_options in any of your files.
    If you’re curious, take a look at lines 16-25 of wp-config.php:
    $table_prefix = 'wp_'; // eg 'wp_' or 'b2' or 'mylogin_'
    $tableposts = $table_prefix . 'posts';
    $tableusers = $table_prefix . 'users';
    $tablesettings = $table_prefix . 'settings'; // only used during upgrade
    $tablecategories = $table_prefix . 'categories';
    $tablecomments = $table_prefix . 'comments';
    $tablelinks = $table_prefix . 'links';
    $tablelinkcategories = $table_prefix . 'linkcategories';
    $tableoptions = $table_prefix . 'options';

    I hope this clears it up for you a bit, and I have to say, my own curiosity about your problem led me to figuring out a little more about how WP works, so I should thank you for that. 🙂

    Hmmmm. I don’t have wp-config.php; the zip file decompressed a b2config.php, which I duly edited with care.
    b2config.php includes the lines:
    // database tables’ names (change them if you want to have multiple b2’s in a single database)
    $tableposts = ‘b2posts’;
    $tableusers = ‘b2users’;
    $tablesettings = ‘b2settings’;
    $tablecategories = ‘b2categories’;
    $tablecomments = ‘b2comments’;
    // tables for link manager
    $tablelinks = “b2links”;
    $tablelinkcategories = “b2linkcategories”;
    but I’m still not finding any reference to a url field in any of the tables.
    (somewhat relieved I’m not being TOO much of a pain 🙂

    I’d love to – except that .71 was all that SourceForge had to offer 🙁
    If you could point me at a patch or the .72 files, I’d appreciate it.
    Either way, *nobody* can log into the blog until I get this resolved….

    Cool. Got it. I can only hope this fixes the original problem :-/

    Did the upgrade to .72b – same problem (only prettier).

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