• I am trying my best to make use of Gutenberg as it is the future of WordPress. I am using it with the GeneratePress theme that is generally well regarded in the community.

    I think a source of great frustration is the constant breaking changes in the default CSS styles from Gutenberg, even when not using the Gutenberg “beta testing” plugin, but mainline WordPress releases. Whenever there is a change to styles, they really should be behind a feature flag so that theme developers can enable them after thourough testing.

    It is not just convoluted edge cases that are failing either. I currently have two GitHub issues open about theme’s link colors being overriden and padding of unorded lists being removed when inside a standard group block.

    I try to use the default Gutenberg blocks when possible, expecting it to be better for maintainability. Perhaps that is the wrong choice.

    This does not fit with WordPress’ usual commitment to backwards compatibility. Plugin APIs are generally solid but Gutenberg’s CSS is a constant Whak-A-Mole.

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